Laird of Darkness

Laird of Darkness - Nicole North *Received this book from NetGalley to review*3 stars, Laird of Darkness by Nicole North an Erotic Novella. Duncan MacDougall is half-fae laird who nights are haunted my otherworld creatures. Lady Alana Forbes is on her way to meet her betrothed when Duncan snatches her away. Sparks immediately fly, to say the least between Alana and Duncan while the past comes back to haunt them both and they begin to depend on each other and reveal their past fears and demons. What I loved about this book is the passion and desire. Duncan was relentless in his need for Alana and she the same with him. In many novellas sub-characters are left behind to focus on the main characters.This book left me wanting more... More pages that is with more detail into Duncan and Alana's past indiscretions and pain. This book has potential and i'm interested in seeing this as a series with more world building. I love historical paranormal romance especially in Scotland with hot men in kilts.