The Winter Rose

The Winter Rose - Jennifer Donnelly I fell in love with Fiona and Joe in the Tea Rose where we meet the Finnegan family. It's a hard life in Whitechapple and the people are suffering and have been for a long time. Donnelly make this dark and dangerous world open up to you and you find yourself sitting at the kitchen table with a family who can barely make it but loves each other dearly. Life is hard and here in Whitechapple there is no second chances.India and Sid were a breath of fresh air, trying to carve out a little love and happiness is a dark world filled with lies and deceit. Like the Tea Rose the Winter Rose takes us on a journey no just about love and loss but through England's past and People trying to change it for the better. Women's suffrage, children's heath care, voting rights for the poor and contraception. I enjoyed most parts of the book but do wish that Donnelly would have focused more on Sid and India being back together and given us more insight to what their future holds. Sometimes with Donnelly's book this just wrap up to nice and perfect. I'm not complaining but it does often fall into place and you find yourself yelling at the character because it's taken them to long to find each other or they have just been to stubborn to ask questions. Drives me crazy!To say that i'm excited to read The Wild Rose would be an understatement. I've been waiting for this book for a long time and held off reading The Winter Rose because it was not out yet. I'm happy to get an advanced copy from NeGalley and cannot wait to read it.