Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy Series #1)

Feed (Newsflesh Trilogy #1) - Mira Grant This book is really hard to review. The whole time I was reading it if felt like I was that one person not getting the joke or left out of the conversation. Don't misunderstand I understood the book but I just felt like so much was over done. I Know so many people who loved this book, talked about it with admiration and praise, I just did not see it. Here's what I enjoyed:The interactions between Georgia and Shaun the most but all. Their humor and most of all their relationship because some thought that they were just too close. Loved the news angle, how bloggers were the last honest new in America. As a former news junkie that just fascinated me to no end.Even the zombies were a kick and I enjoyed reading about them.What I could live without:The constant testing and the description of Shaun and Georgia getting tested before they opened a door, took an elevator or got out of a car. I understand why this was in the story but for me it was just over kill. Newsflash is a smart and daring book that was just not my thing.