Succubus Dreams (Georgina Kincaid, #3)

Succubus Dreams  - Richelle Mead 3.5 stars... First let me say that this book was filled with surprises. I found myself saying 'oh my goodness' a few time and I'm not usually surprised when it comes to urban fantasy books. I will say that the beginning of this books was a little slow but it did pick up.Mead has been able to portray Georgie is such a manner that I over look her 'succubus behavior' because her character has such values. I know a succubus with values who would have thought that could have happened. I feel for Georgina and Seth's relationship because the outside world will not let them just be. Georgina is pulled in so many directions and although she heart is with Seth she does have a job to do. Georgina's past is connected to her future and I just cannot figure out how that's going to play out.Having read the Vampire Academy Series and loved it I almost find myself not believing that it's the same author of the Georgina Kincaid Series. I say this with utter respect as Mead as an author because she is able to write such different series. Here is some of the stuff that has me saying 'oh my goodness'...1. Georgina's dreams, those were amazing and are giving me so much hope for the future of Georgina and Seth's relationship. Please oh please let that be their daughter and him the one coming home. 2. Seth and Georgina getting 'hot and heavy' seemed like they were able to kiss for awhile before the succubus started feeding off Seth. 3. The contract that Georgina signed with Niphon, there is something there... 4. Seth slept with Maddie... boooo!! 5. Seth broke up with Georgina and the way she reacted broke my heart. I cried when she saw Maddie and Seth at the party.