A Lady's Lesson in Scandal

A Lady's Lesson in Scandal - Meredith Duran Group Read August 2011. My first impression of A Lady's Lesson in Scandal was that it eerily reminded me of my favorite movie growing up, My Fair Lady. This guttersnipe that's turned into a perfect Lady and finds love within the process. Well, A lady's Lesson in Scandal is does not follow this exact story the form is still the same. I found Nell to be a warm breath of fresh air, but I always love a strong heroin. Nell is honest, hard working and a great friend but she has dream of change and for a women of her time and means this is a far fetched idea. The moment she meets Simon holding a pistil, I knew he would be her match in every way. Although, at times I did not like Simons approach to Nell's inheritance he made up for it in charm and his utter regard for Nell's welfare. This story would have been fluffy and lacking depth if it had not been for Duran's underlying theme that Nellie did not feel she was worthy of her new status, her connection to those in need ran so deep. Her guild for having a full belly, sleeping in a warm house and feeling save only showed the kind of depth that is sometimes lacking in Historical Romance. I loved this book, the language was refreshing, the writing was unique and showed an understanding with the characters that one does not find too often. This is my first Meredith Duran novel and I look forward to reading more from this author.