Succubus Shadows (Georgina Kincaid Series #5)

Succubus Shadows  - Richelle Mead Mead sure knows how to leave you wanting more... My only saving grace is that the final Georgina Kincaid book will be released here soon and I can't wait to finally find out what happens with Seth and Georgie. This may have been my favorite of the series. I hated what happened to Maddie and I blame Seth and Georgina for that. So much destruction has happened and maybe them letting go and fallowing their hearts will lead to some good. Who am I kidding... I have no idea where Mead will take us next, I'm just along for the ride.Here are some of my wild theories.**spoilers**At the end of Succubus Shadows we are left wondering who Seth really is and what i've believed from book 1 is that Seth is Georgina's husband Kyriakos. After Seth and Georgina finally sleep together while she's a succubus he tell Georgina, "you are my world, Letha..." Seth has never known her real name. I also got the feeling that the 2 contracts were for Georgina and Kyriakos but that his is the one with the loop hole or problem. Part of me also felt that Seth's Soul to be so 'pure' or him being able to resist her would help reveal this loop hole or flaw... Jerome (aka Mr. Hanan'el) knows something along with dear Carter who at times I would like to bash him over the head and make him spill the beans. Anyway, I fear that Jerome had something to do with Erik's death because he knew too much.