Bloodlines (Bloodlines, #1)

Bloodlines - Richelle Mead Bloodlines is the spin off series of the famous, Vampire Academy. This series follows some of the character from Vampire Academy as they move on with their lives after Lissa is placed on the Moroi Throne. Many of our favorite characters made it into this series, Adrian, Jill, Sydney, Eric and a small part Rose and Dimitri. When I started Bloodlines I viewed it as a new series and really tried to look at it will an open mind because there has been some good and bad reviews. I would not say I loved it, but I really have not fall right in love with any of Meads first book in either Vampire Academy or Georgina Kincaid. Parts were predictable but other caught me by surprise and I really love how Sydney and Adrian's connections is not an instant attractions but seems to be a work in progress.Bloodlines opened my eyes to Sydney who was so overshadowed in the previous books by Rose and Dimitri love. She's smart, honest and really sticks to her principles but is not afraid to help those she cares about. I will admit that Adrian is amazingly hot but by the end of Bloodlines I just felt so sorry for him and finally understood how much breaking up with Rose has truly affected him. Bloodlines was a good start to a series that has some real potential. I just hope Mead has a few tricks up her sleeve.