The Winter Sea

The Winter Sea - Susanna Kearsley Group Read, November 2011I don't know how long i've seen The Winter Sea around GoodReads but it seems like for awhile everyone was reading it and raving about this book. Sometimes this puts me off, so I waited to read The Winter Sea... I should have read it sooner.The Winter Sea is filled will all kinds of twists and turns and the road is ofter clear and other times we are walking in the dark. From the first word in the first sentence of the first chapter of the Winter Sea we are given the knowledge that Carries path is already laid out for her. She was meant to be in that little northern town in Scotland. Every pull and every whisper lead her to this moment, this town and that cottage. Sometimes it's the journey that defines a person and although, Carrie was the main heroine it's Sophia, 300 years ago that touched my heart. Sophia, with her open heart and unconditional love, broke my heart on many occasion because she never put herself above the ones she loved. Yes, her journey brought tears to my eyes because her choices were so heart wrenching that i'm not sure I could have made them, even though they were the right ones to make.So, pick up The Winter Sea, grab a cup of coffee and take a journey that will bring the past and present together in such a unique way that you will be dreaming of the the pounding surf agains Scotland's shores for a long time.