Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma To say I was apprehensive about read Forbidden would be an understatement. Just the subject matter, 'boy falls in love with his sister.' This is something I would never read. A few friends read it and raved about it and then it was a group read for on of my GoodReads Groups. I decided to take the plunge... I did fall, hard.This book is not only about incest. It's about the underline damage that parents cause children by being absent. Having had the roll of caretaker from my brother from a very young age, I felt a deep connection to Lochan. His whole world was falling apart, his responsibilities could have cripples at 30 year old but he never wavered even when it cost him dearly.If you take the incest aspect out of this book at look at Maya and Lochan as young teenage lovers their actions are very typical. Their feelings were beautiful, tragic and wrong. We got to see their struggle and then later their ability to give in because they could not understand how something so precious could ever be wrong. The ending of this book, though not surprising to me, still broke my heart. Maya, that was something I didn't expect to read. That really was my undoing because it was Lechen's wish that his family stay together no matter what. Tabitha Suzuma writing drew me in and wrapped around me like a warm blanket. It's her writing that enabled me to look past my judgments and see the truth. That this book is more that just incest, it's about how people so damaged can move on. Even though it's beyond comprehension how they can do it, then just have to try. Living on faith.