Delirium  - Lauren Oliver Every once in awhile a book comes along that exceeds your expectations. Delirium is one of those books for me. I will admit that my low expectations were earned, I’ve read a few a young adult books have left me feeling unfulfilled or like there was something missing from the story. I’m happy to say that my first read by Lauren Oliver was a hit!Magdalene “Lena” Holoway is 17, she’s 90 days away from getting the ‘cure’ because is this America Love is a four-letter word and a disease. Lena’s parents are dead and her sister Rachel has been ‘fixed’ and ‘matched’ so Lena lives with her Aunt and Uncle. Lena’s friend Hana is beautiful, everything Lena is not and their friendship is bonded through long runs and they keep each other’s secrets. What happens to a world where love is outlawed? This is the ultimate question that Oliver is addressing in Delirium. For the first 90 pages I felt like I was on the side of the government, I know I know. What about romance, Leea? Where is that ‘fairytale’ side of you that wants it all? Well that girl has had her heart trampled on and the idea of never feeling the pain of love lost seemed very interesting to me. Until we meet Alex, who’s this bright light is a sea of dark, he’s a distraction from the countdown to eradicate love from Lena’s brain. He’s everything that she didn’t know she needed or wanted. Delirium is more about Lena’s discovery that maybe Love is not all that bad and watching Lena discover that is what makes this book so special and different. Delirium ends with one hell of a cliffhanger – Dang you Laura Oliver! Looks like I’ll be anxiously waiting for February 28th, 2012 will the rest of the fans to get my hands on Pandemonium.