Sweet Dreams (Colorado Mountain, #2)

Sweet Dreams  - Kristen Ashley Well it looks like there are all kinds of men in Colorado, not just Mountain Men (The Gamble) but Hot Harley Riding Mountain Men... Enter Tate Jackson. You don't want to typical review... right? I mean, this book is good, it has flaws (not many) and it's long. If you liked the first Colorado Mountain book The Gamble then you will like Sweet Dreams. Kristen Ashley doesn't write your typical female lead, she's not perfect or had a simple life. It's refreshing to see a women like Laurie, 42 divorced and starting over. Here's what I took away from this book:If a Harley riding hot mountain man asks you to "ride on the back of his bike" you better make sure you like him because that means more than just transportation.Men get mad when you buy "Dick" stuff... you know anything that needs to be assembled, nailed to the wall or heavy. When you're looking for that perfect person or you've given up on finding something "special" that's when life hands it to you. More than not it's been inside you the whole time.Excited to read Lucky Lady the last book in this series.This is who I pictured at Tate... Keep in mind I have a major crush on Opie. lol!