Goddess of the Hunt

Goddess of the Hunt  - Tessa Dare 3.5 stars...Goddess of the Hunt is the story of a girl, Lucy who grew up in love with Toby. So what happens when this girl becomes a woman and this woman finds herself in love with another man? That’s really what happens when Lucy set’s out to practice her seduction on Jeremy, her long time friend. Lucy just does not expect the sparks to fly.The first part of Goddess of the Hunt was funny and fast paced. You really have no idea what Lucy, Toby and the rest of the cast of characters might do. Dare’s witty writing and her ability to make you feel like Lucy is your friend or you want to go hunting the Harry. That’s the first part of the book. Then you transition to the second half, which I enjoyed but it does get on my nerves when characters do not communicate their feeling. I know… I know… that makes a better story but at times it’s just so unrealistic. I do see the irony there. LucyLucy is one of those girls who you just want to be your friend. She’s bright, fun, and always looking for an adventure. She’s the ugly ducky so to speak, she just barley a women and still learning how to use her body to intense a man. But no one would be jesting to say Lucy downed meals that would put a farm laborer to shame. Lucy lived hungry. She devoured every day. This appetite for life required a steady supply of actual food. She nicked hot rolls from the kitchen, rang for cold chicken at midnight, and spend long afternoons grazing in the orchards. And she never missed breakfast. Jeremy Jeremy is so stern, a scowl on his face and so serious all the time. Well not when he’s with Lucy, she unravels all that pomp and brings out the brute in him and that just scares Jeremy. His past if full of hurt and heartache and this is the one barrier to his true happiness. Underneath it all, I found the way Jeremy was written to but funny. His inner thoughts made me grin and shake my head.Jeremy began a short list of the reasons why Lucy was not – most definitely not – fair game.Point one, she was the sister of his oldest friend.Point two, his oldest friend was a crack shot.Sometimes you need a friend to nudge you into reading a book. I’ve had Goddess of the Hunt on my to be read list since 2010. I’m so very glad that that nudge turned into a buddy read because it’s always more fun to read a book with a friend.