Cry Wolf (Alpha & Omega, #1)

Cry Wolf  - Patricia Briggs Briggs does it again... Builds this world around Charles and Anna that is very much the same as the Mercy Thompson Series but vastly different. I believe it's the relationship between Anna and Charles that sets the tone of this series apart. They are meant for each other and both of them are scared but the wolf is sure.In Cry Wolf we have have Anna (Omega) and Charles facing down a black witch. If you're a fan of the Mercy Thompson Series you will love that we learn much much more about Bran (Yay!) his relationship with Leah and about his mother. Charles and Anna's relationship is the focal point for the Alpha & Omega Series Charles is a very old wolf who's never been mated and Anna is a new wolf who's been damaged and abused. They are just so honest with each other, how they feel, what they are scared of and yet, the wolf in not afraid. I look forward to reading about how their relationship/bond/marriage develops over the course of the series.