One Reckless Summer

One Reckless Summer  - Toni Blake 3.5 stars...Contemporary Romance is one of those Genres that's hit or miss. This is my first Toni Blake book and I have to say she sure can write relationships. In One Reckless Summer We have Jenny, the good girl returning home after a marriage filled with okay sex and pushed aside dreams. She's moving back into her fathers lake side home at the age of 31, having found her 'rat bastard' husband sleeping with a 22 year old aid. Jenny has always done what was right and expected of her. She doesn't go looking for trouble but trouble finds her and boy is he hot. Micky Brody is the bad boy from the other side of the lake. He's not always picked the right path but he's putting his life together and really has a good heart.One Reckless Summer starts out hot! It ends hot and during the whole book I felt like I should have had the freezer open to help me cool off. Toni Blake was able to write Jenny and Micky's characters in such a way that you felt their connection. You understood why Jenny was keeping her romance with Micky a secret. Jenny isn't perfect because no one is but she's true to herself and follows her instincts and you can't help but respect a women like that, no matter what her choices are. In One Reckless Summer we're introduced to a whole cast of characters. The friendship between Sue Ann and Jenny is so realistic. Girlfriends who tell each other everything without judgement but sisterly advice.