Whisper Falls (Destiny, Ohio Series #3)

Whisper Falls - Toni Blake This is the third book in the Destiny Series by Toni Blake...3 starsIn Whisper Falls we finally get to know Tessa. She's quiet, smart, fragile and looking for an adventure. Well she finds one when Lucky Romo moves in next door. Let's just say it's non stop from there.Here is what I liked about Whisper Falls:*Tessa's transformation from wallflower to taking life's little wild moments and embracing them.*How Lucky was written, he's got a past (don't we all) and made some mistakes but he's learned from them and wants to move forward.*How Miss Blake writes the interactions between Tessa and Lucky, so natural and realistic.Here is what I didn't about Whisper Falls:*Parts of the story fell like you were handed so much information.*So much internal dialoge, each character had their doubts about the relationship but it was just a lot.*Miss Blake seems to be using the same themes throughout this series, bad boy meets sweet girl and accepts him for what he is.