The Unsung Hero (Troubleshooters Series #1)

The Unsung Hero  - Suzanne Brockmann Buddy Read, Wendy3.5 stars…Before starting the Troubleshooters I was told time and time again how “dated’ the first two books in this series are. Problem is I really liked Unsung Hero I may be in the minority here.In Unsung Hero we meet Tom an injured on medical leave SEAL lieutenant. He’s coming home for some R & R. Problem is he finds his long lost love Kelly there. This story is not just about Tom and Kelly getting to know each other there are 3 other storylines that are just as engaging. That’s one of the reasons I enjoyed this book. I can see that the future books that are written more recent will involve a revolving storyline.Tom and KellyThey’ve pinned for each other since the days when Kelly was 15 and wanted nothing but Tom to kiss her. His past is not perfect in fact Tom is not a perfect man. He’s a SEAL so his body must be in perfect working order but he’s 36 and has a receding hairline. Kelly she might be perfect… on the outside but she’s been lacking a relationship filled with passion and true love. Tom and Kelly are written with plenty of cheese… maybe too much for the normal person but I found Kelly’s honesty refreshing. Joe and CharlesToms father Joe and Kelly’s father Charles have been friends for 6o years… They have a long past filled with painful memories that have been brought to the surface. This relationship added so much to the Unsung Hero storyline. Joe and Charles were written with humor.Joe, Cybele and Charles in FranceThis storyline is just heartbreaking. This storyline is revealed bit-by-bit as Unsung Hero storyline progresses and this may be my favorite storyline. How Brockman wrote this part of the story with such emotion and depth.Mallory and DavidMallory is so tough, hard and damaged. David is shy, introverted, talented and quiet. This relationship was much needed surprise. Watching the interactions between Mallory and David reminded me of a few YA books. It’s sweet, young, fresh and beautiful to read. I’m in this series for the long haul… I can’t wait to continue to learn more about these characters.