The Defiant Hero (Troubleshooters Series #2)

Defiant Hero  - Suzanne Brockmann 3 stars...I can really see why Brockmann has such a following. Parts of this book were wonderful and others just dragged. Again, we have 2 story lines that take place at the same time and we also have another WWII romance.John 'Nils' and MegLet's just get this out there... John is a catch! He's written with honor, conviction and a hidden past. Meg on the other has is a little older, and she's been hurt in the past and only want to take care of her daughter, Amy. This is the part of the story that was lacking for me. We have Meg and Nils going back and forth thru the whole book... Then the end it's bam! (don't want to spoil anything :) I felt like this story, although is was the main plot took a others that evoked more emotions in me.Alyssa Locke and SamI may be in love with Alyssa myself after hearing the way Sam describes her. Hard edged, strong but really needs someone to lean on. She a beautiful women working in a traditionally men world and you can't help but have utter respect for her. Except she makes the worst decisions regarding her love life. Sam, or is it Roger or Huston :) He's part of the Team sixteen SEAL team and he's had a crush of Alyssa for awhile. This is the part of Defiant Hero that shined. Brockmann was able to write the interactions between Locke and Sam so believable that Alyssa's verbal blows could almost be felt physically. This is a relationship that I can't wait to read about, I can't wait for their book.Eve and RalfeBrockmann's ability to weave past and present literally had me in tears at the end of Defiant Hero Eve and Ralfe's love story was utterly beautiful and this book would not have earned 3 stars if not for this story. I didn't see the ending coming, now looking back it must have been clear to those who've read the book before but I almost liked that feel of suddenly finding out how it all ended. Defiant Hero and Unsung Hero are suposed to be the worst of the Troubleshooters Series... Well then, I can't wait for what comes next.