Promise Canyon (Virgin River, #13)

Promise Canyon (Virgin River, #13) - Robyn Carr 3.5 stars, buddy read with Regina.The Virgin River Series is one of my favorite Contemporary series of all time. Having said that at times in the series the books can be more of a transition book where part of the storyline is going to change or the town might go through a transition. In Promise Canyon we feel the loss of a founder member of Virgin River. We meet Clay and Lilly and we learn more about that other Riordan brother, Colin“Where are you from?”“Flagstaff.” He answered.“Navajo?” She asked.He smiled lazily. “Yes, ma’am”“We’re historic enemies.”He smiled enthusiastically. “ I’ve gotten over it.” He said, “You still mad?”This couple is just sweet. Incredible cute and… well sweet. Lilly has a past that she does not want to repeat and putting her trust in a man is the last thing she wants to do. Sometimes you fall for a man not only on his looks but the way he makes you feel. The life I really want is yours. The life I thought I’d have, filled with family and intimacy and friendship and trust. It happens around your table and I always dreamed my table would be the same.~Clay