Wild Man Creek (Virgin River, #14)

Wild Man Creek (Virgin River, #14) - Robyn Carr 5 stars...I don't know how Carr does it, time and time again. To take a small town in Northern California (near where I was born and raised) and make it so exciting. They say it's the little things in life that make you happy. Well in Virgin River there has got to be something in the water. The Virgin River Series is long, each story focuses on a couple, how they meet and fall in love. What it does not do is forget about the other couples or people who live in Virgin River. Carr give you snippets of those who you can't stop thinking about. Jack's bar, Mel and those sweet babies, What's Preacher cooking for dinner? What ever happened to Rick? How many brothers does Luke have? This is the key. That WOW factor that makes this series great. I haven't found it before in a series of this magnitude. Back to Wild Man Creek where we meet up with Jilly as she has been pushed out of the corporate world and finds herself in Virgin River (lucky lady). She's knee deep in dirt and loving it when she meets Colin a helicopter pilot that's 40 years old and now retired from the Marine. Colin has a plan. Jilly has a plan. Then life and love have a plan. That's the beauty in Wild Man Creek it's so natural, real and believable. The story of Colin and Jill is not finished... I know there is more in store for them and like all the others that have come before them, I can't wait to get little snippets of happiness.So, if you're looking for a series that has the ability to keep you entertained, then take a second look at the Virgin River series. It delivers!