Harvest Moon (Virgin River, #15)

Harvest Moon (Virgin River, #15) - Robyn Carr 3 stars...When you write 19 (as per April 2012) book in a long series there is bound to be a few that just miss the boat. Harvest Moon is that book for me. I loved Lief. I loved Kelly. I just felt that there was not a driving attraction between the two of them. I did not feel the 'steam'. Harvest Moon was almost too perfect. I found the idea that Kelly could make a good living selling her canned chutney very unbelievable. Yeah, i'm jaded. I live in N. California and I know how much food and gas costs here and that the economy has yet to pick back up. In small towns those small businesses are struggling, where in the city (San Francisco) things have not changed that much.What I love about Carr is again, she's writing realistic parenting. Courtney is a young women of 14, her mother is dead, she's living with Lief her step-father and she's sad, mad and angry. Lief takes her feelings into count, he does not leave her alone to spend the night with Kelly and he's always making sure that Courtney feels included. Part of Harvest Moon deals with her in counseling working out her feelings and ways that Courtney can make her life better. This may be my favorite part, I love reading about Counselors that do right by their patient and follow the Client/Therapist guidelines. Many times therapists are written in a bad light or they forgo patient confidentiality. This was not the case in Harvest Moon, it was wonderful to watch Courtney make her own changes in her life and that gave her confidence. I applaudCarr for including this in her story.