Over the Edge (Troubleshooters Series #3)

Over the Edge - Suzanne Brockmann Buddy read with Wendy F.4.5 stars...This book had it all:*Love*suspense*drama*hot military men and women*heartbreaking WWII story*Epic battleThis book was a major improvement over the last two in the series. My mind was literally blown with all the action and back and forth between the characters in this book. These men and women are flawed... to the the point of being so realistic that I found myself with tears in my eyes when one of them was injured or hurting. Brockmann's ability to weave the past and present was heart wrenching in Over the Edge. This flowing storyline included Alyssa and Sam and our main characters Teri and Stan. The ending was perfect but not for all the characters and I hope we get to read more about Alyssa and Sam along with Max and Gina.Not sure what happened to Brockmann from book 2 to book 3 but it's working!