Bring Me Home for Christmas (Virgin River, #16)

Bring Me Home for Christmas (Virgin River, #16) - Robyn Carr In Bring Me Home for Christmas we don't get to just read about the love between Denny and Becca. We get to watch Becca fall in love with the Virgin River town. This wasn't a quaint Thomas Kincade village, that was for sure. Rather, it was an old town that has endured, a town whose characters show it's wrinkles and cracks. The homes were well used and some more well kept than others, but the street was wide, the trees tall and dark mountains rose majestically beyond.This is the reason to love Virgin River. It's not a perfect town with perfect people but they do the best they can and they look out for each other. I think I cried more in Bring Me Home for Christmas than any of the other books. Something happens during the holidays and you feel like giving those who are less fortunate some of you holiday spirit. Well in Virgin River that spirit lasts all year long.Denny and Becca:Cute, sweet, passionate, young and full of dreams. I loved Denny from the moment he was introduced into this series. You can help but want him to find happiness and his life has never been the same since he left Becca. Becca is a teacher with a huge heart. Now out of work she decides to go hunting with her brother up in Virgin River. She wants to know if she's ove Denny, her long lost love. Sparks fly, ancles are broken, snow falls and love is always in the air in Virgin River. You can't have a Virgin River book without a few Jack-ism:"Well," Jack said. "I always say, if you're running away, just kick their legs out from under them. That'll slow 'em down.""Because i'm ninety-five percent sweetheart and five percent asshole." He smiled, pushing the cream and sugar towards her.