Law Man (Dream Man, #3)

Law Man (Dream Man, #3) - Kristen Ashley First off, I love the Dream Man series. Kristen Ashley has packed these books with hot guys with guns who take care of their women and their families. These men will bleed for them, wear themselves out, work hard and always make sure they're safe. Like Mitch says;"You live bad, sweetheart, you taste good, you'd do anything to keep it. You know that."Kristen Ashley has the ability to take natural human functions and make them sexy, light in the eyes, intake of breath... it's more than that. Mitch and Mara have a soul connection and this was so clear from the start. These characters have such a deep commitment to each other and the children Mara will adopt from her cousin.But, best of all, all day Mitch's eyes were lit with a light that was new to me but it was a light that I liked. It was not his normal sense of humor wich was usually easy to trip for billy, Billie and me.Mara... oh sweet Mara, she did have her head stuck in the sand. She couldn't see what was right in front of her the whole time. Living in her dream world:I slid deeper into my dream world because i'd never has this, never, not in my life, sitting around a cool table. Eating great pizza (if I did say so myself). Listening to kids jabber and a beautiful man's deep, attractive voice interject. Watching people I cared about smile and share their days, their lives, their thoughts.My only complaint and the reason this book didn't get a 5 star rating is the over use of this sentence or a variation of this. Sweet whoosh swoop through my bellyI'll leave you with my favorite quote:He'd lied to her the first time her ass was in his truck.Her smile was totally wonkey.Just like Billie's.And just like Billie's, it lit up the room.Beautiful.So beautiful he had no choice.He bent his head, put his mouth to hers and kissed if from her lips.