Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4)

Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4) - Kristen Ashley Motorcycle Man is a solid 4 stars but earned that extra star just for the ending and wrapping up the Dream Man series perfectly.I’m not going to bore you with my utter love of this series… I’m just going to let Kristen Ashley tell you about Tack and Tyra.Kane “Tack” Allen“So much to you, never had a women who has so much that makes her. Everyday, more comes out and all of it is a surprise.”“No, baby, I’m not scaring you. You’re just scared. You give me a little more, you’ll see I’ll protect it. More, I’ll protect that too. More, I got that too. When you give it all to me, if it works with us in a way that lasts, you’ll never be scared. You’ll feel safe enough to have your eyes open, your arms up and you’ll enjoy the fuck outta the ride. I’ll see to that, Red, and that’s a promise.”“Yeah, and that theme is, I got your back. I take care of you. You sleep easy. You eat good. And you feel safe. Are you tellin’ me you got a problem with that?”“Baby,” he whispered, giving me a squeeze, “kids are not a ball and chain. There is no greater joy than creating a life, watching it grow and, while it does, helping it thrive. Didn’t feel stuck when God gave me Tabby and Rush. Kids are a big part of the ride of life. Not to mention one of the best parts of that ride. With the right woman, I’d be all over doin’ it again.” Oh. My. God“Fuck, I’m not even close.” “To what?” “The heart of you. You run so fuckin’ deep, I’ll never get there.” God. “Lookin’ forward to a lifetime of diggin’, babe.” God! “Now you’re being sweet,” I accused, my voice wobbly. “Used to it yet?” “No.” “You got a lifetime to get there too.” Seriously. I could take no more. “Shut up.”No, it was because Hawk, Brock and Mitch stormed that house at Tack’s side. This meant, to Tack, they were different kinds of brothers. Not of blood. Not of the cut. But that bond was unshakable all the same. This is how Tyra sees Tack: Dark, longish, somewhat unruly, definitely sexy hair with a hint of gray interspersed in it. Blue eyes with pale lines radiating from the sides that I knew, I just knew came from laughing. A dark goatee around his mouth, the bit at his chin overlong in a biker way that was too cool for words. Fantastic tattoos slithering up his defined arms, broad shoulders and muscled neck along with one on his ripped chest and a big one on his back. The rest of his body hard and strong, I knew because with great relish I’d acquainted myself with every centimeter. Tack-speak“Just laying it out, babe.”“Later, darlin’,” he whispered.“Clue in.” Tyra Masters “Truth, honesty, perseverance, strength, love of all kinds and forgiveness are all beautiful, Tack. The most beautiful stories ever told are the most difficult to take.”“Not a big fan of sausage?” he remarked. “Sausage in the form of brats, affirmative. Sausage in the form of smoky links, again, affirmative. Sausage in the form of a breakfast patty next to pancakes, repeat affirmative. Italian sausage on pizza? Um, not so much.” Then I shoved the pizza in my mouth and took a big bite.How Tack see’s Tyra:“So much to you, never had a women who has so much that makes her. Ever day, more comes out and all of it is a surprise.”“Day in, day out, you peel the layers back for me. Smart mouth, funny, sweet, wild in bed. Chattin’ with bikers like they were insurance brokers. Holdin’ my girl’s hand, givin’ her strength when her Mom’s bein’ a bitch. Keepin’ your chin up when your people show in the middle of a full blown drama. But so fuckin’ vulnerable, you’re scared shitless of livin’ life.” Elvira, ever girl needs a friend like herYou had to know we’d be here to check her out, schedule the test then, if she passes, bring her into the fold.”“I can’t function around a man if I know his ability to give pleasure.”This was the end to the Dream Man series and I think the Tyra said it best… And I got to sit in the Colorado sunshine knowing without a doubt I had my hands straight up in the air, tucked so secure, I was safe to enjoy the ride.