Gone Too Far (Troubleshooters Series #6)

Gone Too Far  - Suzanne Brockmann “Luke Skywalker’s proof that paternity amounts to squat,” Noah told him. “And you are too my brother.” 4.5 stars... I'm completely hooked with this series, I can't stop now. I've never read another author that is able to balance so many story lines the way that Brockmann does in Gone Too Far. The main story about Alyssa and Sam has been several books in the making but we also get a glimpse of a future for Gina and Max. The SEAL team is not left behind, Tom and Kelly are in this book at lot and they are HOT. Learning about Sam's past is one heartbreaking story and with that we learn about Walter and Dot, both war heros but under appreciated by their country.Max talking about Gina, loved this quote:“That’s not love,” he countered. “That’s something else, something possessive, something, Christ, I don’t know, greedy and twisted and obsessive and chaotic and . . . I want to own her, Alyssa. I want to wrap her up and keep her safe and put her in . . . in . . . some closet somewhere and take her out when it’s convenient for me to . . . to . . . Okay. Yes. Sex. It’s about sex and it’s about power and control and it’s about her looking at me with those Bambi eyes and adoring me when she should goddamn hate me, and . . . that’s not love.” Alyssa describing Sam:Cuffed to the door, with his pants unfastened and his hair messed, he looked like some kind of fantasy accessory. There was no doubt about it. These cars would sell like crazy if they came equipped with Sam Starrett handcuffed to the back. Damn, he was handsome with his hair cut short and his entire face showing. Some women might not agree because there was nothing pretty about this man. His good looks were rugged and he had a smile that was loaded with testosterone. He had the kind of big, lean, man-sized face that was going to get craggier as he got older. But he’d be just as handsome, possibly even more so, at seventy than he was right now. Max describing Gina:Her legs were incredibly long and her hair spilled down around her shoulders. Her skin gleamed, and those breasts . . . With the exception of her belly button ring that sparked as it caught the light, she looked like a movie star from the days when movie stars were allowed to have hips and breasts and smooth, slightly rounded, marvelously female stomachs. Raquel Welch. Sophia Loren. Gina Vitagliano. She came toward him, looking at him as if he were something special. Yeah, he kept in excellent shape, but it didn’t warrant that look. Of course, it didn’t mean he didn’t like it. A lot. Sam finally finds his true name:Sam was lying on his back on the floor. Haley was on his chest, and they were both fast asleep. He looked so at peace, so content. And Alyssa knew Roger/Ringo/Sam had finally found a name that was going to stick. Daddy.