Defiant (A MACKINNON'S RANGERS NOVEL) - Pamela Clare Motto of the MacKinnon Clan: “Audentes fortuna iuvat.” Fortune assists the daring. This is not your Traditional Historical Romance. Pamela Clare's MacKinnon Ranger series is deeply moving and well researched. I felt myself coming to the end of Defiant and wanting this book not to be over. So many questions are answered by the end of this book but much is left open for the next.In Defiant we meet Lady Sarah, reat-granddaughter of His Majesty King George II. Enemy of the Clan MacKinnon. She's taken by an Native American Tribe and brought to their camp in order to be the bride of another warrior. All the while, Conner MacKinnon, youngest of the MacKinnon brothers is hot on her heals to rescue the lass for her Uncle Brigadier General William Wentworth, the MacKinnon's enemy. His voice was soft, reassuring. “A burden is always greatest when carried by one alone. My shoulders are broad, lass, my back strong. Let me share the weight of this.” What attracts me to this series is Clare's ability to write characters that you connect with. They are layered with secrets that are slowly revealed. You want Sarah and Conner to be together because they're good people, with a strong connection and the writing is there. It's not just the main characters you want to read about. There is are Annie, Amalie, Morgan, Ian, Joseph, and the Rangers that you cannot help but long to know what happened to them and how are they faring.“You are new here, so I will explain. In this land, nobility comes not from one’s fathers or a title or from the land one owns, but from one’s actions.” His voice was hard-edged, and his words seemed harsh to her. “The MacKinnon brothers are the highest nobility to those who live on the frontier—true warriors, men who know how to fight and survive, men who put the lives of others before their own. Your family’s wealth, your title, your virtue—they mean nothing out here. They won’t fill your belly, and they won’t keep you alive. What matters most right now is your survival.” I was moved by Sarah's transformation from a nieve young women to a person who is willing to sacrifice superficial wealth for a love that cannot be replaced. Her connection with family and past friends have all lead her to not trust the world and it was a joy to read her be willing to look past so much and follow her heart. But as she finished putting her things in their proper places, she couldn’t shake the strange feeling that she was looking at the pieces of a stranger’s life. All of these beautiful things she’d just unpacked—it was as if they belonged to someone else, artifacts from another life. The inexperienced girl who had taken them for granted could not be the woman who now stood there clad in muslin and moccasins, grateful just to be alive. And yet these were Sarah’s possessions. They represented the life she was about to return to, a life of ease and luxury, of safety and duty, of loneliness and despair. I cannot wait for Josephs book. Off all the Rangers he it the one that has me intrigued. Also Wentworth, we get a new look into his mind and what an interesting thing we find. Yes, i'm being cryptic. If you're a fan of the MacKinnon Ranger Series don't think it's all over with Conners book.... more is coming!Joseph was war chief of the Muhheconneok people, and Connor had grown up beside him, adopted together with his brothers by the Mahican when he was but a stripling lad.