Unholy Ghosts (Downside Ghosts Series #1)

Unholy Ghosts  - Stacia Kane “Cesaria Putnam. I’m a Debunker for the Church.”Sometimes when I start a new Urban Fantasy series, like Downside Ghosts I find myself lost, the story is vast, the characters are detailed and the world building can be a little daunting. This is the case with Unholy Ghosts. Now, you're thinking, oh... no. Well it's not necessarily a bad thing. When I feel lost in a new Urban Fantasy novel, it always ends up to be a series I love. See, not a bad thing at all.Before I started my journey into the messed up life of Chess Putnam, I heard so much about how damaged and dark she was, her elicit drug use made people uncomfortable. I didn't find that at all. I found it refreshingly real. The world Stacia Kane built was different, the idea that the Church has now become the banishing holders for the Ghost was new and fresh. The unique character names and language was hard to grasp at first but in a way this made this new world seem more truthful.There were a lot of side characters that added to the storyline but only two were my favorite and captured my attention from the start. Chess and Terrible.Chess PutnamDamaged is almost too soft a word to describe what Chess is. Orphaned, abused, molested and cast aside. Her world has never been rainbows and butterlies. She's not soft or smooth, she hard edges, sharp and unrelenting. Her characters apeals to me. Her drug use is almost her way of awakening her abilities, or at least that was the impression I got towards the end of the book. Trust me, I understand she cannot live without her colorful little pills but I guess I just didn't want to judge her too harshly.The words died in her throat as he lifted the tweezers from the wound. Caught between the sharp metal pincers was a small, fat worm. Chess had to fight not to throw up as it wriggled and twisted like a fish out of water. Blood—her blood—dripped from its obscene tubular body. Even as she watched it shriveled, balling itself up like a creature in agony. What I loved about how Kane wrote Chess was her real like qualities. She was not the traditional UF heroine who charged into danger without fear, Chess was scared a lot in this book. She was frightened, knew the risk and forged ahead anyways. She's a character that i'd love to get to know more. I found myself wanting more about her past, to know who her parents are to understand why she separates herself from the rest of the Church order and has decided to live alone. TerribleFirst thought was, here comes trouble, when Terrible first made an appearance in Upside Ghosts. Menacing, large, broad, scary, dark and also damaged. Terrible is a character that I grew to almost love. His past is a blank slate, his body is covered in tattoos, he's an enforcer with a heart. He's not a traditionally attractive man, I imagine him with a crooked nose, large strong body and dark eyes that show a soul who's in desperate need of love and softness. “Terrible,” she managed. “You know how to use this thing?” He pulled away to meet her gaze, and for a minute he was transformed. Still the same features, the lumpy nose and the jutting brow and the hard, dark eyes, but not ugly anymore. Full of character. Full of strength. She looked at his face but she didn’t see it, not the way she had before. The smile spreading across his features was intimate, sexy. The darkness of his eyes concealed so much more than she’d ever imagined. “Oh, aye,” he said. “You gonna let me show you?” I think what really drew to me this series was Stacia Kanes ability to write characters that are constantly growing. This last quote is my favorite of the book, the foreshadowing gives me so much hope for the future and I cannot wait to pick up Unholy Magic.But then she realized, with an odd, blushing sort of warmth, that it had never occurred to him that she wouldn’t be able to solve the problem. That while she’d been flailing around in the dirt, scared shitless that she was about to kill them all, he’d had complete faith in her ability to save them. Just as she’d never really doubted his ability to keep her safe.