Grimspace (Sirantha Jax, #1)

Grimspace  - Ann Aguirre ...I’m a little disappointed when he walks off without looking back, but I redirect my attention without being obvious. I already knew March is practical. He’s never going to sit at my feet and write me poems, which is good because I hate poetry, except dirty ones that rhyme. Grimspace is all about Sirantha Jax. This is Urban Fantasy at it's finest, where worlds are built and kick ass heroines are made.“You’re a hex, lady, dark luck, powerful bad juju, ken?” We meet Sirmantha Jax in a medic facility where the Corp has her held after a crash, which she survived while 82 other souls lost their life, including her love Kai. From there it's non-stop action to the point of blowing your mind. Sirmantha is rescued from the Corp and that's where all the fun begins.This is my first Sci-Fi novel. I have never been the girl who watched Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica. So, reading this book was pure fun. You see although there are some heavy things going on in this book. Ultimately is a fun and funny read. One of those books to fill in between those other dark or depressing books. An escape...March... Let's just say the man grew on me and at the end of this book, he had me swooning. I had some issues with this book, I felt that parts lost my attention and I had to really focus to get back into the storyline. Plus, my lack of understanding into the Sci-Fi world left me feeling lost at times but I kept reading. Now that i'm finished reading Grimspace I find myself left with more questions than answers:Who/what is Jax? Why can she make so many Jumps? Where will they go next?The part of me that feels unworthy, wounded, totally shaken by everything that’s happened, I shuffle her to the back because she’s not helping me deal. And the Sirantha who steps up, well, she’s a pragmatist. And she’s hungry.