Chasing Magic (Downside Ghosts, #5)

Chasing Magic (Downside Ghosts, #5) - Stacia Kane Chasing Magic has it all. Fast paced, danger, romance, and heart stopping action. Stacia Kane has done it again!Oh, you need more than that? Really? Well, okay. He tasted of blood and anger and fear, and something else that blossomed there when his clumsy hands found her hair, her back, when he squeezed her tighter to him. Something that was just him, and he was hers.Chasing Magic takes place right after Sacrificial Magic the fourth book in the Downside Ghost Series by Stacia Kane. Lex and Terrible are still at odd but now that Lex has taking over the 'Family Business' Chess finds herself yet again having to choose between them. Someone in Downside is selling speed with an extra jolt and it making people go crazy. He kissed her under that wide impassive sky and she kissed him back, and it reminded her that she did have a place in the world, she did have a home, and that home was being built right there where she stood. With him. If you were looking for more Terrible and Chess moments like I was then you've hit the jackpot in Chasing Magic. For me it's the everyday things that make those two so special to me. Might be because Chess has never had the kind of stability that Terrible is offering her, but little touches, holding hands in the car and silent private moments make this book shine."Shit. You so fuckin pretty, Chessie. True thing. So … ain’t even can breathe sometimes.” Everything stopped. Her breath, her heart, everything, even the breeze making her hair dance over her bare shoulders. It all stopped, leaving her standing there watching herself. As if it wasn’t her, because nothing like that could be happening to her. He was talking to some other Chess, some Chess who wasn’t filthy and wrong, wasn’t a liar and a junkie. Don't think Chess isn't up to her old tricks. Her drug addiction is full swing in this book and ever more uncomfortable to read because you know it's not going to end well. She's taking more and more Cepts and speed. Now hiding the amounts from those around her. There were so many heart stopping moments, a glimpse inside Chess or a view of Terrible that we're just starting to get. I highlighted them all... **slight spoilers**My ode to Chess and Terrible:...broken, she was broken, he’d crushed her beneath his heel so all the empty places showed, and she knew he saw them. And she needed him to fill them again. Needed him to fill them because he was the only one who could, the only one who ever had. She clutched at him as if he were a raft in a stormy sea, twisting the fabric of his shirts between her fingers so he couldn’t suddenly slip away. “I’m sorry, so fucking sorry, it—” He was … everything to her, everything, and she’d given up everything for him. Even Elder Griffin. Her heart, her honor, the Church, everything. That she couldn’t stand having him love her, because it forced her to try to be better than she was.His eyes caught hers. Warmth rose in her chest, spread through her whole body. Looking into his eyes—into him—was a high she could never get tired of. His face grew in her mind: black hair pomaded into a rockabilly DA, thick heavy muttonchops, the face she’d once thought was ugly and now couldn’t understand why or how she’d ever thought that. Because every scar showed how strong he was, those hard dark eyes thawed just for her, the heavy brow smoothed when he looked at her and it all added up to Terrible, and she was not going to let some shithead scam artists and their rent-a-witch steal her from him. He’d expect her to fight. He’d expect her to win, too. Damn, it was so hard pretending she didn’t really care about him, pretending she didn’t feel as if someone had poured her out of a jug to puddle all over everything, so turned on she could hardly breathe.