Rock Chick Regret (Rock Chick, #7)

Rock Chick Regret - Kristen Ashley I want to be a Rock Chick... No it's not because I want a piece of the Hot Bunch, well not really. I just love how these characters stick together, they help each other when in need and never think twice. True friendship. Plus they just Rock!!I mentaly pried my hands off the safety bar that was tucked, tight and secure, across my lap and lifted them straight in the air. Moving onto Rock Chick Regret the seventh book in the amazingly funny Rock Chick Series. This book is about Sadie, the daughter of a now incarcerated drug mogul. She's the "Ice Princess" on the outside because she's had to shield herself from that life. Over a year ago she met Hector an undercover DEA agent who infiltrated her fathers business and brought him down. Then I wondered if there would be a day when there were so many good days, I wouldn’t be able to rank them anymore. Let's start with Sadie aka the "Ice Princess." So much happens to her that I don't want to spoil but this is a darker Rock Chick book than ever before. I cried many times because although, Sadie is hard on the outside she's able to bounce back from so much adversity that she earns everyones respect. It's beautiful to read. Sadie believe she has no friends, that her father drove them all away. Ralphie and Buddy are such an amazing addition to the Rock Chicks - I can't wait for you to meet them.He grinned, slow and sweet. Then he got creative. Hector aka Agent Chavez Oh. My. (you'll get this once you read the books :) He's my favorite Hot Bunch... hands down. His little spanish nicknames were beyond cute and I might have to convince the hubby to call me "Mamita." Hector used to work for the DEA and now he's working for Lee and loving every thrilling moment. He's never found a women who fit into his crazy lifestyle but once he got a look at Sadie, that was it for him. Favorite Hector quote... “You put my mark on you. To show my appreciation, I’m gonna fuck you until you scream my name and I wanna make sure you remember it. Now, how fuckin’ drunk are you?” If you don't know why we love the Hot Bunch... Ava said it all and perfectly.“You have to know,” Ava put in before I could process what Daisy said. “That what it is with these guys is different than what it is with other guys. It’s different than what it is with the kind of guy who would hurt you, either what that man did to you or how other men can tear you down. They come on strong because they are strong not because they’re jerks or anything.” Ally and Rens book is next and the final Rock Chick book... I cannot wait!