Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4)

Breathe (Colorado Mountain, #4) - Kristen Ashley “Don’t know why folks need diamonds and pearls, fur coats, first class tickets, island adventures when simple shit like this is the best thing you could ever do.” Breathe moved me in many ways. Heartbreaking beautiful moments, truthful confessions of the heart and gut wrenching moments of pain and agony. Kristen Ashley's ability to create characters that you want to see find that Happy Ever After is something that just gets better with every book.In Breathe we meet Faye who's been in love with Chace since she was 16 years old. He's her "hero" and she believe the perfect man to make all her dreams come true. Problem is in the previous Colorado Mountain books you learn that Chace has lead a life off the righteous path. His fathers shady dealings have left Chace in the spot where he had to pick his mother over the right path. He's a cop, with a heart of gold but along the way he's had to make some compromises. The 4th book in the Colorado Mountain Series, Breathe blends the past characters in with the new. Like Kristen Ashley's other series your favorite couples are not forgotten. In Carnal, these small town friends stick together and when someone is in need, then deliver.Chace and FayeHands down the cutiest, sweetest, and hottest couple in the series. Faye, I mean, she was nothing but honest. Never played games, lead with her heart and knew she was after the right man. Never once doubted what her and Chace has, not once. She wanted to guard his back, to take his pain away to deliver him into the peaceful love filled life he deserved. “There was… uh, in my book, you know,” her legs moved against his and she finished so low he barely heard her, “a really good sex scene.” Chace smiled. Chace, first off, smokin' hot! I mean, I didn't really grasp how down home hot he really was in the previous books. He's a boot, jean, and shirt wearing cop. His life has been shit, his past is a mess but down deep he knows what he wants. A wife, kids and a home. That journey is what makes Breathe so amazing!Then he said quietly in my ear, “For a long time, a long fuckin’ time, Faye, nearly six years, I thought it was certain I’d never have anything as beautiful as the last three minutes. Thank you, honey, for giving that to me.”Music is an intrical part of the Kristen Ashley experience. You have to pair these books with the music in them, it enhances the emotional experience and makes those little moments pack an even bigger punch.Just picture Faye... Ella's voice is beyond beautiful.Ella Mae Bowen, Holding Out For A HeroThis reminds me of Chace... Cowboys and angels, Dustin Lynch So, if you haven't picked up a Kristen Ashley book and you're on the fence about reading one. I say you get your pretty little behind up and start one :) Trust me, I did and it's been a fantastic ride.