The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead, #1)

The Unidentified Redhead (Redhead, #1) - Alice Clayton He was the yin to my yang, the frick to my frack, the toast to my Chex. Sometimes you just need to laugh, let the stress go and dive into a book that doesn't make you think but allows you to fall into a story and pretend just for a little while that you're a fabulously outgoing, sexy smart mouth redhead in a trist. Or maybe thats just me...If you're looking for a funny, honest, no games kind of contemporary romance novel then you've met your match in Alice Clayton's, The Unidentified Redhead. We meet Grace Sheridan a 34 year old back to work actor trying to make her way in the LA scene. She's confident and believe that this is her chance to make it. Grace is living with her college friend Holly while her house is being remodeled. At a fabulous party, Grace meets Jack Hamilton, the next hot thing, he's 24 and staring in the novel turned movie, Time. When Grace meets Jack sparks fly but can then keep this summer romance into the fall?“Hey, man, I'm old school. Don't make me bust out the Eazy E and the N.W.A. I will go straight up gangsta on your ass. No one is more hardcore than a rich, suburban white girl,” This book had several things going for it:1. FunnyFirst off, Holly and Grace are fantastic, real and just plain crud at times. I LOVED them. I loved the way they were with each other because is reminded me of my girlfriends and how we do talk about sex all the time (hope no guys read this review and finally know our dirty little secret ladies), men and food. We're really not that complicated. “Like hell you would! Remember when I was in the hospital with pneumonia and I couldn't see Sex and the City until a week after the premiere? I asked you repeatedly whether Carrie and Big got married. Do you remember what you told me?” she said snidely. “No,” I answered, becoming decidedly more interested in my plate of vegetables. “You said no way in hell would you tell me, you loved me too much to not let me find out for myself. This is the same thing. Sucks for you,” she saidSheridan and Hamilton, um, they might be the funniest couple i've read in a long time. They're also crud in ways but it just makes you crack up at their little inside jokes and how they can are so comfortable with each other from the start. “You have a one track mind, Johnny Bite Down.” “That's true, I do.” He laughed. “You, me, Melba toasts.” He grinned back at me. 2. Hot and sexyBring on the hotness... Jack Hamilton aka George is well... one fine man. Any man who can laugh during sex is just hot in my book. He's confident, british and not well behaved. He doesn't care what people think of him and wants to hold Grace's hand no matter what the consequences are. Sometimes in contemporary romance when they say "sparks fly" you seem to just go "Uhh, okay" but with Jack and Grace, you could almost feel the connection jump off the page. Plus the little nick names "Johnny bit down" were just too cute for words. ThI loved me some Hamiltonian Dirty Talk… Nevertheless, every single molecule, every particle, every speck of matter between us had begun to hum and I was aware of everything. I knew exactly where he was. 3. Honesty and no games“Wanted to wait? Get on the stick woman. Literally. Get. On. That. Stick!” she yelled. It's not easy to find a no games contemporary romance these days, they are out there but it's not easy. I caulk this up to Grace being older and knowing what she wants. Jack also seems to have and understanding of what he also wants in a women. They both were completely honest in what they wanted in the relationship and in the bedroom. It was refreshing to read.A little too perfect...So, I told you all about the reasons this book is fantastic. Well nothing is perfect unless you're Jack and Grace. I have to admit that as a person that lives in California I always find it funny when books are placed here. I mean I understand the fascination with celebrities but parts of LA are not so Hollywood as one might expect. At times while reading about Jack and Graces whirlwind romance, I kept thinking this is too perfect. She's able to afford a house in Laurel Canyon? Of course Grace is confident, comfortable with her body and rich. I know it sounds like the very things that I loved about this book are the same things i'm finding too perfect. I'm a women, get over it!In conclusion, if you're looking for a light, funny, romantic book set in the beautiful hollywood hills... then pick up The Unidentified Redhead