For You

For You (The 'Burg, #1) - Kristen Ashley Colt looked at her and said, “The only things precious in life breathe.” Darker than any other Kristen Ashley book that i've read because this one is based in a small town that is rocked with murder and many of those they know and love are the potential victims.Throughout that first part of For You we don't know what it is that tore Colt and Feb apart, we just know that it altered their life plan and now 22 years later they are face to face with the past. This time, the past won't win, this time the future can repair the damage of the past.There was something about that earring in her ear, the same something that said what the choker said. And Colt understood it then. It highlighted the vulnerability of her body, enticed you to curl your hand around it, get your teeth near it, at a place where you could do your worst or you could do something altogether different. I finally figured out what it is that draws me to Kristen Ashley's books. For awhile I thought it was the plethora of hot alpha rough cut males, I mean that's reason enough but in For You it became clear. Life has a way a chipping away at what we hold dear, rent is due, the house needs to be clean and we have stuff that has to be done. In those moments you sometimes over look the smile on your child's face when he comes through the door just getting a 100% on his spelling test. Or the light that shines in your husbands eyes when he sees you wearing his favorite sexy shoes. All those moments are not lost in a Kristen Ashley book. In fact they are highlighted and brought to the forefront. They weave the picture of what these characters find important in life and really they're all that is important. Kristen Ashley focuses on those details and I believe that is why we find such an emotional connection with her characters. Because they're like us, they just want to be loved, feel safe and cared for.I used to do it because it made him smile at me, a smile I hadn’t seen in years, a smile that others saw and it was handsome so I was sure they liked it, at least the girls. But they didn’t get it. They didn’t get how precious it was. They didn’t understand, it not being directed at them, what that smile could do. The power of it. It was like every time he smiled he’d opened a chest of treasure and said, “All this is yours.” In For You a killer is on the lose and Alexander Colton and February Owens must band together to keep Feb safe. It becomes very clear that the past between Colt and Feb is far from over and the whole town is rooting for them. There are a ton of characters in this book, a whole town full and at times I was getting them mixed up. There also were parts of this book that felt too drawn out, too much detail and honestly I found myself skipping them. I also believe that once we find out who the killer is that the story starts to drag a little. Having said all those things, For You is still a solid 4 star book. Then ending is amazing and there is even a little twist that had me grinning and tearing up a little bit.Twenty-two years of her laughter, her smile, her body, her jewelry on his kitchen counter, he might have gotten used to it and moments like this would have been lost on him. Now he knew that he’d never miss these moments and he’d always feel that beautiful pain because he’d always understand how precious they were. I keep hearing how this series gets better and better so here I go... off to read At PeaceThis one is for Colt and Feb... Stevie Nicks - Landslide