Never Seduce a Scot - Maya Banks Well I read this book in a day. I really couldn't put it down and found the world of the Montgomerys and Armstrongs to be one filled with magic and wonder.Now to Never Seduce a Scot... we meet Eveline surrounded by her clan the Armstrongs and she just been told that in order for her family to have peace she must marry the oldest son of the Montgomery's, Graeme. Both don't want to marry the other. Both have no choice because their clans are at stake. Eveline is considered draft or not right in the head. Graeme Montgomery is not looking forward to having a bride that is like a child and that he cannot have a normal marriage with. So what happens when they meet...If you've read any of Maya Banks before you know she's known for her steam... I have to say what kept me turning these pages like a banshie was the amazing story that developed. Believe me there was steam but it was done to fit the characters. It's not every day you read a story about a beautiful women who's deaf and have it executed so positively. Eveline has lied to her family, they don't know she can read lips but no one figured out that she just can't hear. Until Graeme comes along and take the time to get to know her. Their story is one of beauty and true love, honestly and perseverance. I'm a fan of Maya Banks Historial Romance, well her Highlander books. I loved her MacCabe series (Pick that up if you ever need a fix:) and now i'm eagerly awaiting her next Montgomerys and Armstrongs book out in the Spring of 2013.