The Night Circus

The Night Circus - Erin Morgenstern Come on into The Night Circus where things are not what they apear and this circus comes alive in a black and white world.Word of mouth is a more effective method of advertisement than typeset words and exclamation points on paper pamphlets or posters. It is impressive and unusual news, the sudden appearance of a mysterious circus. People marvel at the staggering height of the tallest tents. They stare at the clock that sits just inside the gates that no one can properly describe. I feel like i've woken from a smoke filled dream where I traveled the world with a Night Circus. Open from Midnight til sunset where magic comes alive and people don't question the strange things that tend to happen around them. These strange occurrences tend to happen around The Night Circus and time slows, futurs are revealed and love, well you may just have to read this book to find out about that.“The finest of pleasures are always the unexpected ones,” Tsukiko replies. I'm not completely sure I understand all that transpired within the 387 pages of The Night Circus. I also don't think you need to, in order to appreciate the beauty revealed in those pages. I thought for a long time before sitting down to write this review. it's not an easy one to write, Erin Morgenstern words are hard to compete with. I mean, how do I describe a book that moved me to tears with simple words but they also transported me to a world i'd never known. The Circus, a child's playground, where magic happens and dreams take flight. Beautifully written, amazing detail and a large complex story is revealed in The Night Circus. I can imagine reading The Night Circus 10 times and still finding parts of the book that you didn't notice before.“What did you wish for?” Bailey asks. “I wished for her,” he says.Celia and Marco are the main characters in The Night Circus. In a way they are like pieces of a puzzel no one knew needed to be completed or may rearranged is the right word. They are written with incredible detail, for most of the book they are separate from each other and the story is developed independently of each other but at the same time is parallel. You know they are destined for a challenge but just like them you are not even sure what that challenge is or even where it will take place. At times the unknown does not even bother you, mainly because Celia and Marco don't seem to be concerned. About half way through you see a change in where the story is taking us, no longer are our beloved characters in the dark, we know what can happen at the end of the challenge. I have to say, I devoured the first part of this book. I found it captivated me because little by little pieced of this puzzel were slowly revealed to me. Once I was at the half way mark, maybe I just didn't want it to end, but I found It hard to understand where this was going. Time changed with every chapter and parts were set in the future, so I got lost a little along the way at times. That would be my major complaint was that parts were hard to understand or follow. Although, it only added to the mystery surrounding The Night Circus.“I confess, Miss Bowen, you are not what I had expected.” “I assure you that feeling is mutual.” Marco stands, stepping back up to the ledge by the door. Celia reaches out her hand to him and he takes it to help her up. It is the first time he has touched her bare skin. The reaction in the air is immediate. A sudden charge ripples through the room, crisp and bright. The chandelier begins to shake. The feeling rushing over Marco’s skin is intense and intimate, beginning where his palm meets hers but spreading beyond that, farther and deeper. Conclusion: 4.5 Stars. The Night Circus moved me, created this beautifully descriptive world around a circus, and added an amzing cast of characters so complex it was hard to see where all these pieces fit. Pick up The Night Circus if you're looking for a different kind of book, this sure was unique in a great way.