Comanche Moon (Comanche, #1)

Comanche Moon (Comanche, #1) - Catherine Anderson This is my first book by Catherine Anderson and it's not my last. I have had Comanche Moon sitting and waiting in my TBR pile for years. First when I read paper books, I couldn't find it at my local used book store and favorite hang out. Then when I got my first ereader I just didn't think to read. Plus that cover... I mean it doesn't grab the modern day women and command her to read it. It's like a cheesy 80's movie poster. Finally I decided to buy to ebook and read it already.He thumped his chest with his fist. ‘‘I am your wind, Blue Eyes. Bend or break.’’ In Comanche Moon we meet Loretta Simpson living with her Aunt, Uncle and Cousin Amy in Texas. Loretta is afraid of the Comanche people because of the torture and rape she witnessed her mother receiving at the hands of several Comanche warriors. Her dreams are filled with this atrocity and her fear rules her. The day comes when she is claimed by Hunter, a fierce Comanche warrior who is feared by many.I will know the song your heart sings, eh? And you will know mine.This book is classified Historical Romance but by no means does it sugar coat the relationship between the Comanche people and those Soldiers or settlers who fight against them. Catherine Anderson brutally details all the realistic accounts of rape, mutilation and hurt that both sides inflicted upon each other and those innocent women and children in their way. You should be warned, there are multiple acts of rape detailed in this book. Death of women and children as well. It's hard to read and at times I wasn't sure if Catherine Anderson was using these details to shock the reader. At the half way mark, I was discouraged because the relationship between Hunter and Blue Eyes (Loretta) was nothing like I thought it would be. At times they're brutal and mean to each other, it almost turned my stomach. Here is where Ms. Anderson truly developed the story to make it so realistic for me. Their relationship wasn't love at first sight at all, it grew over time and for me that's where the story took a turn in the right direction. If you're thinking of picking up Comanche Moon as a light fun romantic read like me... well be forewarned that it's deep, brutally honest and in the end very enduring.