Fighting to Survive (As The World Dies, #2)

Fighting to Survive (As The World Dies, #2) - Rhiannon Frater Tomorrow was a new day. A new beginning. And that was all any of them could hope for anymore. Fighting to Survive starts up right after the first book in the As the World Dies Trilogy. The first chapter, each section is dedicated to getting us up to date with whats happening with our favorite survivors. This is another non-stop zombie thrilling kill ride... our ever growing rag-tag group of survivors has a vigilantes and bandits are on the way. Not to mention hords of zombies are showing up daily. Fighting to Survive deals with how these issues should be resolved and who's going to make this decision. The Government is gone and it's just them in the Fort trying to survive day to day. Our group has been lucky so far, they have water and electricity. In this second book, Fighting to Survive there are hair raising moments that you fear you'll lose those characters close to your heart but there are also, laugh out load funny moments. This perfect balance between the fearful reality and the little sweet moments that life is still dealing out is what makes this series so realistic and engaging.Jenni and JuanJenni thought it was good to have diversity. Jenni’s contribution was as the crazy zombie killer, and she was fine with that. She crunched another chip. Oh, I know that others have said she's uncaring for moving past (so you think :) her children's deaths but I connect with Jenni. I feel for her and in a way I admire the women she is now and how she was able to move past her abusive past. Like many member of the Fort, Jenni is riddled with nightmares of Lloyd and her children coming after her. To me, this is where Jenni is working out her guilt for surviving and not being able to save her children or end their lives once they were turned. She is also haunted by the women she once was, controlled by Lloyd and his abuse, because the Jenni of the new world does not sit down or go away quietly. She's just as loca as Juan believes and it's so fun to read.In Jenni’s waking moments, she was loving, outgoing, and funny. But in her dreams, she was afraid and emotionally shattered. It broke his heart. Juan, he's a fine, sweet hearted, strong and lovable Mexican-American (or Texan). His fortification and constant surveillance of the Fort has saved countless lives. He's always there to protect those who cannot protect themselves and believes that Jenni is the best thing to come his way, ever. He's an amazing friend to Travis but he's also quick to temper and anger. His relationship with Jenni is so sweet you can feel your teeth ache. They are mad for each other and don't waste one moment fighting or not sharing in this bliss that they found. It's beyond fun to read and I love that Jenni found that, she needed it and in the end it's Juan and his endless love and commitment to her that will chase away the nightmare.Katie and Travis“I look at you and I want to save the world. I can’t help it” “Are you sweet-talking me again?” she lightly kidded. Here is your warning... If you haven't read this book, then don't read any further **Spoiler**“I’m madly in love with him. His body, his … smell … the way he touches me … all so different from Lydia, but I love him. I kept wanting not to love him, but I do.”Katie, how could you not love her. She never skirts her responsibilities and she stands up for what she believe and loves. Her wife was killed in the beginning of the zombie attack and her guilt and grief is palpable. She cannot move past her love and misses Lydia ever day. The problem is she has a deep attraction to Travis. From the moment they met, they both knew that they meant something to each other. Katie has been hiding her secret that she is Bisexual for too long and as we progress into Fighting to Survive it's almost hard to read how she avoids Travis because they shared several amazing earth shattering kisses. In my review ofThe First Days I was disappointed that, Rhiannon Frater took this confident, successful lesbian and turned her conveniently bisexual. To me it seemed like a cop-out and I was truly looking forward to Katie finding another loving relationship with a women in this new world. Yeah, well that didn't happen but I also got over it because the way that Travis and Katie are together. Travis is so gentle with her loss, he's unbelievable comforting and supportive to Katie's life before him. This carefully crafted relationship that Ms. Frater wrote stole the show for me. Jenni lifted her eyebrows. “Spill it!” “What?” Katie asked, then broke into a huge grin. Jenni tackled her. Like schoolgirls, they hugged each other and jumped around, laughing, until they collapsed into a heap on the bed. “You have FFG!” “Do not!” “Uh-huh! Freshly fucked glow!” Jenni howled with laugher, pointing at Katie’s flushed countenance. Fun, engaging and a wild ride for sure. This fast moving series has grabbed hold of me and wont let go. Lets see how long I hold out until reading [b:Siege|6718719|Siege (As The World Dies, #3)|Rhiannon Frater||6914813]. I cannot wait to read the conclusion to this fun and frightening series.I cannot leave out all the funny moments that cut through the nail bitting ones... Mr. Calhoun and his wacked comments...“When did the town take over a privately owned building? This is socialism or communism, I can’t remember which. I don’t agree with you pushing your Amazonian agenda on the people of this fine town … .” Calhoun looked shocked, then a little afraid. “I will not assist you in your nefarious plans, Amazonian Queen!” “Yes, you will” Nerit smiled at him confidently. “Because it will help defeat the marauding aliens attempting land grabs and abductions.” Calhoun looked at her suspiciously from beneath his scraggly eyebrows, then slowly tilted his head. “Okay. I’m listening.” “I haven’t pitched you over the wall yet.” “Are you the one pitching people over the wall?” “Would you be surprised if I was?” Calhoun considered this, rubbing his grizzled chin. “Nope.” Nerit shrugged. “Just get to your position.” “Wanna go out?’ “No.” “Have sex?” “Definitely not.” Nerit smirked and walked away. “Damn Amazons.”  “So much for revitalizing Ashley Oaks, huh?” Juan smirked. “Oh, we revitalized it, all right—zombie-survival-style,” Mike corrected, high-fiving Juan. “We ain’t racist in this town,” Peggy answered defensively. “We weren’t used to y’all’s ways. And I don’t mean because you’re black, but because you’re a bunch of East Texans.” Yolanda laughed briefly. “I know how much the rest of Texas looks down on us for being Southern hicks.