Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1)

Under the Never Sky (Under the Never Sky, #1) - Veronica Rossi I should preface my review with this statement: I read Under the Never Sky right after finishing an amazing, non stop action, funny a hell Zombie book. So as I started Ms. Rossi's first book in the Under the Never Sky series in this hyped up mood fresh off a fast paced book.Under the Never Sky is the story of two worlds that take place in one: Aria lives in the dome of Reverie, a place where everything is not a reality. She can travel to different realms with her eyepiece, a virtual space. Aria's mother goes missing and this jump starts her search to find out what happend on the realm of Bliss. Perry is a Dweller, with a bloodline that has left his with two amazing senses, smell and night vision. He's able to smell your emotions or feelings. His tribe is starving and he goes searching for food and finds himself face to face with Aria...Here is what I liked:* This amazing mix of two separate worlds, Aria's is so futuristic where Perry's seems so medieval and primitive in comparison to hers. I loved this difference. But more than once my mind wen't strait to the Wall-E movie where the people on the ship ride around on pods and drink smoothies all day. Loosing there ability to walk, living in a virtual world and never touching. So, for me Aria's world held no appeal. Perry's on the other hand was riddled with cannibals and danger.* Perry as a character. His POV was my favorite to read, in fact I found myself wishing this whole book was from his view point. Not sure if it was his deep sense of emotions or just that I really liked his character in general. His animalistic tendencies were just hot, not to mention his ever struggle with what is right for him or his tribe made him a complex character to read.Aria froze. She’d seen a glimpse of Perry’s smile earlier when he’d heard Roar, but now she saw it in full, directed completely at her. It was lopsided and punctuated by canines that couldn’t be ignored, but it was this fierce quality that made it so disarming. Like seeing a lion smile. She suddenly felt like she was staring at him. She took a hasty drink from the bottle. Aria sputtered into her sleeve as the Luster rolled down her throat like lava, spreading heat across her chest. It tasted like spiced honey, thick and sweet and pungent.* Roar, we get a little bit about Roar and his relationship or what we hope is a relationship to Perry's sister Liv, I hope to read more about them. He's kind, loyal and a little mischievous at times. Great character to read. What had me going Hmmm!:* The first half of this book was slow, filled with world building and a lot of new information for the reading. Now I know this is customary for many first books in a series but for me it just felt like I couldn't connect with the characters.* Parts of the plot felt far fetched. Perry and Aria both get out of dyer situations where they should have been hurt of killed very easily, there is almost this fade to black. Then they're fine and headed in the direction they wanted. In the end, I did enjoy this first book in the Under the Never Sky series. This just didn't Wow me... I do plan on continuing the series mainly because i'm anxious to see what happens with Perry and Aria.They reached for each other then like some force had pulled their hands together. Aria looked at their fingers as they laced together, bringing her the sensation of his touch. Of warmth and calluses. Soft and hard together. She absorbed the terror and beauty of him and his world. Of every moment over the past days. All of it, filling her up like the first breath she’d ever taken. And never had she loved life more.She liked what she was discovering about herself. Aria, who knew that birds should be plucked while they were still warm so the feathers came out more easily. Aria, who could start a fire with a knife and a piece of quartz. Aria, who sang wrapped in the arms of a blond-haired boy.