Flashpoint (Troubleshooters, #7)

Flashpoint (Troubleshooters, #7) - Suzanne Brockmann 3.5 stars... He wanted her with a sudden sharpness that triggered an equally powerful realization. It was so strong it nearly made him stagger. In Flashpoint the seventh book in the highly acclaimed Troubleshooter Series by Suzanne Brockmann we're introduced to a whole new group of heros. Tess is a computer geek who love Buffy the Vampire slayer and has been infatuated with Diego "Jimmy" Nash for a long time. He sits on her desk eating from her little bowl of candies ever time he's in her office to debrief after a mission. Tess is applying to move from behind the computer out into the field, when she hears that Nash's partner Lawrence "Deck" Decker is about the go right into an ambush while undercover, Tess gets ahold of Nash...Suzanne Brockmann is one of those authors that you can read one of her books, take a break and pick up the next book in the series because she starts all her books off with a bang. You're thrown into this fast paced, detailed story and you love it. You enjoy that she's asking you to have a brain, to know that this information will soon make sense and just to go with it. I did, I went with meeting these new characters that we've never met in the Troubleshooter Series, well all except Tom. In many ways Ms. Brockmann really wowed me with parts of Flashpoint. Tess pulled off her T-shirt, took off her bra, and handed both to him. “What message should I give him?” she asked. Nash looked at her, looked at the shirt and wispy lace of bra dangling from his hand, looked at her again. Looked at her. “Jeez, Bailey.” Nash is not your typical hero, like many of Brockmann's past males characters he's flawed and not in the looks department but in the truth and honesty department. Know one knows his past, he's never told anyone and keeps his past indiscretions close to the vest for most of this book. In a way this drove me bat shit crazy. I wanted to yell at him to trust Tess because she could be trusted with these secrets but unfortunately it took most of this book for him to realize what he had found in this amazingly smart, confident and beautiful women. Then that's when I fell head over heels in love with Jimmy Nash. There is a moment in Flashpoint where Nash tells Tess his feelings and it's a holy crap, mouth hanging open moment. Smart man, he’d noticed that she hadn’t actually said yes to any kind of a relationship. Stupid man, he didn’t realize that they already had a relationship. Deck, is Nash's partner and friend but for most of this book you wouldn't know if for all the ways Decker bad mouths him. At first I thought they weren't that close, Nash and Deck but once the story progressed and I realized they had been on many missions together and have a long relationship. Deck takes may opportunities to tell Nash what he is doing wrong with Tess and a lot of the time it's true but maybe it's the delivery but it seems so demeaning. Deck is not angel he's made mistakes in the past and in this book, he's going to be a great character to read more about. I loved this description on Deck...Then, as he did now, he’d looked American. Quietly strong and confident, with a nearly visible aura shimmering around him that spoke of a life lived with freedom from fear. Freedom and orthodontists for all—her team leader had a truly American smile with straight white teeth. In conclusion, Flashpoint is a solid continuation of the Troubleshooter series, fans will understand the new character and i'm personally excited to see what happens to some of the new ones we've met... Sophia and Deck to start off. This is a series that is always a fun light read. Some characters hold a special place in your heart, Max and Gina, a story I cannot wait to read.