Hunting Ground (Alpha & Omega, #2)

Hunting Ground  - Patricia Briggs First off, I want to say that I love Patricia Briggs writing style and her books. I should also say that 3 stars is being generous for Hunting Ground I don't normally say many negative things about a book but this left me wanting so much more. It was so sad. I love Anna and Charles. They're so different it's beautiful how they want to make their match work.Here are a few things that really bothered me about Hunting Ground:Where was the passions? Anna and Charles are mated only a few month and I know that Anna has some issues to work through but they hardly touch and it seems once they get home to Montana that Bran swoops in with an emergency and they are off to safe the pack. I just found it odd or more that's what I wanted in this book. More Anna and Charles moments.Same 'ol same 'ol. I felt like the story that took place in Hunting ground didn't go anywhere. Yes, Vampires were involved but the action and adventure was so lack luster I found myself skimming parts because it didn't hold my attention. It's basically Anna and Charles running around and not really making any progress. A reincarnated Arthor? Really! When I finally got to the part where Arthor thought he was "Arthor" like Excalibur Arthor, I almost rolled my eyes. I feel terrible for not loving this book. I really honestly do, but I have hope for Anna and Charles so i'll keep reading because I hear that i'll be rewarded.