Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson, #1)

Moon Called (Mercedes Thompson, #1) - Patricia Briggs 3.5 stars...My friend described this series as "small, action packed books of awesomeness" I'd have to agree... Don't let my star rating fool you, I really enjoyed this book. It's just at times, this new world that Briggs is introducing threw me for a loop. Not sure I really understand what Mercy is or that she does either. Looks like Mercy and I will make this discovery together.This book has diverse characters with different backgrounds. We have a gay werewolf, strange Vampire who drives a VW bus decorated like the Mystery Machine (that's just funny!) and lets not forget the German Gremlin (Still not sure what he's all about). Then the complex world that the Alphas encompass and their pecking order. Mercy is strong, loyal, kind and spunky. She's someone you'd love to just chat with while she's halfway under a VW bug fixing the engine. I see growth in her future and that's something i'd love to read.Do I smell a love triangle coming... Adam and Samuel? Now this will be fun. At this point i'm an Adam girl all the way :)