Fair Game (Alpha & Omega, #3)

Fair Game - Patricia Briggs The bottom line was that he was a selfish creature, Charles decided more cheerfully than he’d been about anything in a long time. He guided Anna around a hole in the ground with a subtle push of his hand on her hip. She probably had seen the hole, but it pleased him to take care of her in such a small way. He was willing to pay any price to keep her safe…any price except for losing her. 4 stars... Briggs does not hold back in Fair Game and let me tell you this is so fun and at times scary to read. You see i'm fully invested in these characters and half the time I was either smirking at Anna and Charles inner talk or at the edge of my seat trying to figure out how this was all going to play out. Here is what we go in Fair Game:* Anna and Charles still struggling with being mated and Charles "job" is running over into their relationship. It's sad to read but in a way makes you feel like they're any normal married couple going through a rough time. You never get the feeling that they don't care or love each other deeply and that's so wonderful to read. Charles is keeping his secret because he wants to protect Anna. But Anna is not the same wolf she used to be. Her relationship with Charles has made her stronger, more confident and independent. She blossomed into this beautiful women who's not afraid to make a stand or take a chance because she has Charles and Brother Wolf behind her always. It's really wonderful to read.* Charles is a true alpha. I mean this is the most positive way. He's strong, old, powerful and cleaver but he never does this to dominate Anna or to get his way by intimidation. He is what he is but underneath it all his main focus is his mates emotional and physical safety. If you haven't read an Alpha like Charles, then you're in for a treat! Stop that, Anna scolded him. You don’t need to hurt because I do. But I do, Charles replied, more honestly than he intended. I failed to keep you safe. She huffed a laugh. You taught me to keep myself safe—a much better gift for your mate, I think. If you had not found me, I would have killed them all. But you came—and that is another, second gift. That you would come, even though I could have protected myself. She was confident and it pleased him. * Fair Game and the whole Alpha & Omega series is more Romance or relationship driven so it's different than the Mercy books. This difference is what sets Anna and Charles apart. It's UF with a romance twist that is welcomed because parts of the Fae, shifter and witch world is so dark and sinister. You almost need the soft Charles and Anna moment to balance this series out.* An ending that establishes where the Mercy and Alpha & Omega books will go I wont spoil it for you, but this moment is so fun to read and warranted, in my humble opinion. I'm now beyond curious to see how this transfers to Mercy and the crew. In conclusion, if you've been on the fence continuing the Alpha & Omega series after Hunting Ground like I was, please push forward. This series really gets better and better. Plus this ending is in some ways a game changer for the world that Ms. Briggs has created for us. She definetly shook things up a bit... now we'll just have to wait to read [b:Frost Burned|11035657|Frost Burned (Mercedes Thompson, #7)|Patricia Briggs|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1344299887s/11035657.jpg|15955708] to see what happens.Here is the game changing quote:Then he raised the dripping sword up toward the sky and announced harshly, “We, the fae, declare ourselves free of the laws of the United States of America. We do not recognize them. They have no authority over us. From this moment forward we are our own sovereign nation, claiming as our own those lands ceded to us. We will treat with you, as one hostile nation treats with another, until such time as it seems us good to do elsewise. I, Alistair Beauclaire, once and again Gwyn ap Lugh, Prince of the Gray Lords, do so determine. All will abide my wishes.”