Force of Nature (Troubleshooters, #11)

Force of Nature (Troubleshooters, #11) - Suzanne Brockmann 5 Stars... Force of Nature has it all... it's like all your dreams come true and this book give it to you. We have more funny moments, steamy scenes, love that finds each other at least *yay* and non stop action. Now what more could you ask for?When I started Force of Nature I was mainly looking forward to reading more about Robin and Jules. What surprised me was the beautiful, funny and hot relationship that developed between Ric and Annie Dugan. I wasn't left unhappy about any aspect of these relationships.*Please forgive all my quotes... I got a little excited about this book, Plus Brockmann says it so much better than I ever could.My ode to Ric AlvaradoWe met Ric in a previous Troubleshooter book as a detective that helps Max with Gina. His cameo didn't leave me drooling but there is just something about Ric that sneaks up on you. It's almost true with all the men in the Troubleshooter books. What I found sweet and endearing about Ric Alvarado was his ability to open mouth and insert foot. It's hilarious. This is my favorite right foot-in-mouth moment:“For the love of God,” Annie exploded. “Will you just finish your fricking sentence? Because I’m what , Ric? Too tall? Too short? Too smart? Too attached to my dog? A liberal? An athlete? Not feminine enough? What? ” “You’re gay,” he said, and at her total, openmouthed surprise, he asked, “Aren’t you?” He answered it himself. “No, you’re not. Okay, then. That’s…great.” Ric loves women, he loves everything about them and it literally oozes off the page. In fact several times he's tongue tied with Annie and she thinks he's thinking she's too fat or that he's not attracted to her body. Him stumbling over his words to correct himself and it makes for some fun moments.Ric looked at all women like that. With genuine appreciation. Regardless of the woman’s shape or size or age. Yeah, Ric Alvarado didn’t just look at women. He smoldered at them.Ric tried to explain. “It’s more than that. I’ve got this thing where, I don’t know, I can’t say it without it sounding like, yeah, I’m sexist, but bottom line, I just want to protect you.” It wasn’t because she was a woman, it was because she was Annie. “And yeah, it has nothing to do with your ability or skill or—” “You want to protect me, but it’s not because you’re a man and I’m a woman.” His temper sparked at the attitude she was throwing at him. “No, it’s not.” My favorite moment with Annie and Ric in the bathroom *note this is a spoiler if you haven't read the book* This is so dang hot!! “Ric?” she said. “We need to get—” “I know,” he said, but he didn’t move. He couldn’t move. She looked at him, expectantly. He closed his eyes. “I’m afraid if I try to pull out, I’m going to come.” “Oh God,” she said. “Don’t move,” he warned her. “I’m not.” But she started to laugh. “Don’t laugh!” “Picture me pregnant,” she told him. “Picture me—” “Don’t,” he cut her off. “That’s turning me on.” “Really?” “Oh, yeah.” And there they were, staring at each other. “Marry me,” Ric said. He just opened his mouth and the words came out. Annie laughed—just once. “You just want to come inside of me.” “Shit, yeah,” he said. “For the next fifty years.” She laughed again, but her smile faded as she looked into his eyes. “You don’t really mean it, do you?” “I do,” he whispered. “I love you, Annie.” She kissed him. And she came, too. Now another moment:“What part of Will you marry me? makes you believe that I have even the slightest interest in fooling around with anyone else—except of course you don’t believe me, so, yeah, okay. You have my word. You’ll be my only fuck buddy, too.” “Oh, that’s nice,” she said. “God, Ric—” “I’m just calling it what it is,” he countered, his temper obviously flaring. “If you don’t like the name for it, maybe you shouldn’t be—” He cut himself off and exhaled hard. “Look, for the record?” He lowered his voice. “When I’m inside of you, when I’m moving the way I know you love for me to move? I’m making love to you. That’s what I call it. So why don’t you pack that in your bag and think about it while you’re in California? Of course, if that concept’s too intense for you, maybe you should just focus on all the ways I’m going to make you come, next time we’re alone together.” She was silent for such a long time that he asked, “You still there?” “Oh, yeah.” “Good,” he said. “I’m going to call Martell, have him drop by to check on you in the morning, okay?” “Yeah,” Annie said again. “I love you, Annie,” Ric said. “I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” Now my ode to all things AnnieI love Annie. I love that she's strong, confident and secure in herself to go after what she wants... I love that she can shoot better than Ric and many FBI agents and that she's a natural at it. Because that's SO Annie! I love that's shes curvy and beautiful. She's an amazing friend and has been through so much. “Do you know how long it took me to put on this fucking makeup?” she asked him. Her use of the F-word brought wariness to his eyes. He knew he was in trouble. He just didn’t know why. “No,” he said. “Should I?” “Over an hour,” she declared. “I had to teach myself how to do it—talk about a pain in the butt. Check out my eyes—the liner? Do you know how hard it is to take some little pointy pencil and make a straight line like that? Right near your own eye? Will you at least look at it, please?” He looked. It was a little disconcerting to have him paying her such close attention, but at least now he didn’t look as much like a former cop working with the FBI, scoping out a suspect’s party.“I said you smell really good ,” Ric corrected her, “which is actually the accepted way of telling your high school best friend’s little sister—who spent years being way too young for you—that you think she looks unbelievably hot.” “Nice try.” Annie wasn’t buying. “Right now, though? I’m looking for Wow, your eyeliner is really straight. Way to go. ” It didn't hurt that I connected with Annie so well because I look just like her, I have green eyes not gray... I mean, it's not every day you associate yourself with a character in a book when you're a curvy girl. But when you think of the way Ric described Annie you can't help but know why he's been in love with her for years.Annie Dugan wasn’t traditionally pretty, at least not in a helpless-and-fragile delicate female sense. She did, however, have the fresh-faced, Irish American peasant-girl thing down pat, with big gray eyes and freckles, naturally curly hair, and a wide smile that could, at times, be incredibly sweet. Her attitude, however, was pure twenty-first-century kick-ass dominatrix. Jules and Robin *squeal*I have loved Jules the moment we met this FBI agent who was teamed up with his BFF Alyssa Locke. Now years later and Jules is still pining over Robin "Heartthrob" Chadwick. The development of this relationship between Robin and Jules has been books in the making. The attraction was instant but Robin was in the closet and now sure of his sexuality. Jules is in a place in his life and career that he's not going to hide who he is or what he loves. I love that about Jules. But God, he still smelled exactly the same. And suddenly Robin went from just barely able to speak to unable to shut the fuck up. “Jesus, I’ve missed you,” came spewing out just as Jules said, “I’m here on business.” “You won’t talk to me in private, fine. I’ll have this conversation with you in front of your friends. Seeing you again has…Jules, it takes my breath away—how much I just want to be with you.” And in that split second, when their eyes met and the very air seemed to crackle around them, Robin almost did it. Three long strides would bring him to Jules’s side. He could picture the disbelief in his eyes—disbelief that would turn to wonder and then heat as Robin drew him into his arms and kissed him as ardently as he’d kissed his co-star, Susie McCoy, at the end of Riptide.“I can wait.” Robin just smiled. “Yeah, but I can’t,” he said, and he kissed him. Right in front of the whole, wide world. Robin is struggling with his identity, being in the closet and his own celebrity. Ms. Brockmann writes his stuggles very well and realistic. She does not hold back on the reality of alcoholism. It's hard to watch Robin fall but my hope is he's hit rock bottom and now he put his life together the way he wants. It was nice to see into Robins head more, how he feels about Jules. His internal struggle with the reasons he drinks and his family history. I felt like Ms. Brockmann finally gave us the insite into his character. The Elephant in the roomA friend had to remind me that this book was written in 2006... that Ms. Brockmann was at the time taking a big leap writing his M/M romance. You see I was a little upset that there were some fade to black moments when it came to Jules and Robins relationship. I guess because I love these characters that I wanted them to have the same kind of love affair that the other M/F characters did. So, i'm not going to fault Ms. Brockmann for being cautious... I also wont lie, I can't wait to read more about this beautiful relationship. So here is the 'Elephant in the room:' how do these macho alpha males SEALS feel about this gay FBI agent... Well, I think Ric and Martell sum it up perfectly, “He okay?” Martell asked. “Yeah,” Ric said. “He’ll be fine.” “So that’s what gay guys do, huh? Sit around racking up insane stunt bonuses on Grand Theft Auto,” Martell mused. “Who knew? I expected to find him redecorating your kitchen.” “I got Colt 45s in the fridge,” Ric said. “Want one?” Martell laughed. “Zing.” “He’s a lot like us,” Ric said. “He just…has sex with…men.” Martell turned his head to look at him. In conclusion... This was a home run in the Troubleshooter series. This book exceeded my expectations by a mile, wonderful characters, deeply layer story line and lots of action. I take comfort in knowing that Brockmann will bring back my favorite characters in the following book, so I wont morn not seeing Annie and Ric too much. Off to hunt down Wendy (my buddy reading twin) to see when we get to read [b:All Through the Night: A Troubleshooter Christmas|414692|All Through the Night A Troubleshooter Christmas (Troubleshooters, #12)|Suzanne Brockmann||1863521]. I cannot wait!What do you think... Jules and Robin?