The Wanderer (Thunder Point #1)

The Wanderer (Thunder Point #1) - Robyn Carr 4 stars...In The Wanderer Hank Cooper is drawn to Thunder Point, Oregon by the death of his dear friend Ben. You see, Cooper knew ben back in his military days and because Ben was his friend Hank wanted to make sure that Bens affairs were put in order. What Coop does not expect is the find so many fascinating people in Thunder Point. His short trip takes longer than expected with many surprises along the way. This is a perfect start to another wonderful series.A smile tugged at his lips. She had a way of walking that just knocked him out, a gentle sway, a purposeful yet unhurried stride. It wasn’t erotic or flirtatious, it was all woman— a woman who knew what she wanted. And as she got near, she smiled at him. First off you should know that i'm a huge fan of Ms. Carr's Virgin River series. This almost seems like an extension of that wonderful town. Now understand there are some similarities but it's mainly that we know Cooper because he's a friend of Luke Riordan. If you've read and loved the Virgin River Series then you should know and understand the small town feel that Ms. Carr describes in these pages. I have never read another author that is able to capture the simple everyday events that shape our lives and transfer them so wonderfully into a book. In The Wanderer we're taken on a tour of Thunder Point. It's quaint, full of hard working families that live in this nestled seaside Oregon town. They look out for each other and tend to enjoy that solitude that being a small town provides them. The Wanderer is not just the story of Hank Coopers journey to Thunder Point.Carr provides us with more romance. It's like buy one get 2 free! It's not all romance either, there is a bulling issue that comes up at the High School and that is also covered alone with a mystery that gets solved by the end of the book. The focus is on Cooper, Sara, Roger "Mac" (aka Debuty Yummy Pants), and Gina. But there are also so very sweet moments with Mac's aunt Lou. Let's not forget we get lots of funny moments... “Two whole hours?” Cooper asked with a laugh. “I have to check homework. If I don’t check homework, Lou’s on me like a cheap suit.” “Checking homework. That can’t be so bad.” “You checked homework lately, pal?” “Whose homework do you think I’d check?” “Well, that’s not the point, Cooper. The point is, it’s torture. If I were in school now, I wouldn’t have graduated sixth grade. In short, I’d rather give up a nut. But that’s the price of fatherhood.” “I know, the law.” She laughed again. “Did you know the young girls call him Deputy Yummy Pants?” Something about The Wanderer felt like coming home. It almost takes you to another place and time, that perfect escape to where only good books can take you. My only complaint is that it's a little slow going in the beginning but that mainly has to do with the world building and getting to know the key players in Thunder Point.“Nice,” Sarah said as she slid into a booth across from Cooper. “Very nice. Just the thing.” “Not real fancy,” he pointed out. “I’m telling you, this is what I like. Small, quaint, friendly and hopefully delicious.” In conclusion, if felt that The Wanderer was a solid start to a new series by Robyn Carr. The pages were filled with beautiful day to day interactions between the residence of Thunder Point. There were moments of humor that balanced out the harsher aspects of finding yourself in a new town as Landon did. Let's not forget the steam... there was plenty of that and what I was left with at the end of this book was the need for the next in the series to find out what will become of Gina and Mac. I'm eagerly waiting the release of [b:The Newcomer|17133945|The Newcomer (Thunder Point #2)|Robyn Carr||23535729].ARC courtesy of NetGalley and HarlequinMIRA