All Through the Night: A Troubleshooter Christmas (Troubleshooters, #12)

All Through the Night: A Troubleshooter Christmas (Troubleshooters, #12) - Suzanne Brockmann You'd think i'd pick a better picture of Jules and Robin on their wedding day because well, i've waited countless books to get to this point for them. Just picture them starding up to all those against this marriage, Jules style.What too away from All Through the Night is that we get to know Robin very well. I did struggle with the first part of the book because I felt it was a little rushed, time just jumped forward and I was being greedy. I wanted more Robin & Jules getting to know each other and day to day life. See, I was selfish. Once I started to really look at what Ms. Brockmann was doing with these characters I saw that is was a perfect way to showcase how committed they are to each other. Yep, throw some obstacles in their way... that should do the trick.Jules and RobinI was touched and moved by Jules and Robins commitment and utter love for each other. This jumps off the pages of All Through the Night. It's sweet, moving and so very real. If affects every other character in this story, they see it first hand and are moved by their love and commitment to each other and they're marriage. Oh Robin, I fell in love with you reading this book. You're smart, funny and so committed to your sobriety that you tell Jules everything that might be bothering you. He loves that about you too. Your commitment to sober and it's beautiful to read. Although, Robin finds himself is some situations that can only be deemed something "Robin would do" and it's so funny because no matter what he does his intentions are for the best. Now Jules... oh he's so alpha and it's beyond yummy to read. His possessive touches and no verbal behavior only adds to this relationship. What makes Jule and Robin so fun to read it the way the communicate with each other... honesty always makes for a better relationship and for them it's really the only way. Their part of this book was done perfectly... well except for the same fade to black that was in the last book, but i'm not going to dwell on that.He did it again, seeking Robin out when a group from Art Urban’s studio made the scene. Although this time, he pulled Robin even closer, his arm around his waist. Robin put his hand over Jules’s, interlacing their fingers and holding it there, firmly in place. Yes, that’s right, babe, I’m yours. Interestingly, the look that Jules flashed him was faintly apologetic. The Gang is all Here... What I LOVE about this series is the opportunity to see those characters that i've loved come back for little cameos. All Through the Night brings all the favorites back and it's so much fun. Sam and Alyssa are here... of course because they're beyond excited to see Jules and Robin make it official. Jones and Molly come and they put the Secret Service on alert. Let's not forget Cosmo and Jane along with baby Billy. Then you cannot have a Jules book without Max and beautiful Gina. This part was just pure fun. We get to catch up and see how everyone is doing and apparently we all know what that is :) I'm sorry who's not pregnant in this book? There is also a budding new romance between two characters we've read about but I don't want to give it away because it's also so very fun to read.Jules and SamYou cannot have a Jules storyline with out Sam. Holy heavens I love Sam more and more with each passing book. I have never read a transformation quite like his before. His character has not changed all that much but his ability to understand Jules, be there for him and know that their friendship is so much more important than conversations that make him uncomfortable. His commitment to Jules is that heavy and I love him to pieces for it. in All Through the Night you get some amazing Sam moments and I just have to share there:“How’d we both get so lucky?” Jules asked. “It ain’t luck,” Sam’s voice drawled, extra heavy with the High Plains Drifter, and they both looked up to see him holding out a vest and harness to Alyssa. “It’s pure, unadulterated skill. Come on, Sweet Thing, we got us some more Yankee ass to kick.” “You missed your calling,” he told Sam. “You should have been a therapist.” “Shit,” Sam said. “Just kill me now.” “Seriously,” Jules said. “That was pretty freaking profound…” “For a guy who wears cowboy boots and blows shit up,” Sam finished with him. Jules wiped his eyes as he looked up at Sam. “Thank you so much for that,” he said. “It’s the best gift you’ve ever given me. And you’ve given me some…pretty wonderful gifts these years that we’ve been friends.” Aw, hell. Now Sam was getting misty-eyed, too. “I’m glad I could help.” Jules took a deep breath. Exhaled. “Let’s go home and see Robin’s towels.” “Bath sheets,” Sam reminded him. “What kind of gay man are you?” In conclusion... I want to say that this was the perfect conclusion to Robin and Jules single days. I cannot say their storyline because I know we'll get to read about them in the future. All Through the Night was filled with sweet and funny moments mixed with a little suspense and the conclusion was a perfect combination. I've said this before in my reviews but these book keep getting better and better...“I now pronounce you partners for life. What God has joined together let no man put asunder. May the love in your hearts give you joy. May the greatness of life bring you peace. And may your days be good and your lives be long upon the earth. You may greet each other now with a kiss.”