Raid - Kristen Ashley I'm giving Raid 3 stars because i've been a fan of Kristen Ashley for awhile and I feel like there was so much potential for this book to be great! Instead we got the same old Ashley formula without all the depth. Don't get me wrong, the sex parts in this book were hot but the plot was seriously lacking...“Dangerous. In every line of his body, hidden deep in his eyes. Missed it then, but he hadn’t had you then. I see it now and I see you got bit by his bug. I’m tellin’ you, Hanna, you be careful. You go forward cautious. Hard to guard your heart from a man like that who’ll do nothing and everything to win it in a way you’ll want him to own it forever. But mind this, child. Raiden Miller doesn’t find a way to beat back the danger lurking within, he’ll go down and he’ll take you down right along with him.” Classic KA characters... Hanna is this beautiful long legged girl next door who's been in love with Raiden Miller since she was 6 (More on that later) and she's lived in the this small town her whole life waiting for the day he notices her. Raiden was in the war, he lost almost all of his men and is deeply damaged and in turn comes home and forms a job that can let him be who Raid is. This hard man, strong confident but still scary as hell. His life has been tarnished by an abusive father who put his hands on his month and Raiden didn't like that one bit, so he took care of it. Hanna this small town shy girl is coming into her own. Finally letting herself enjoy her growing afghan business when Raid walks into her life.Grams... Oh that women stole my heart and made me cry with her sweet words. She was hands down my favorite character. She layed all the cards on the table, she spoke from her heart and she never took the easy road. Those things in life worth having are also worth fighting for and she was so right about that.“Proud of you, chère,” she whispered. I looked at her and smiled. “Love you, Grams.”“I know, child. What do you think’s keepin’ me on this earth? Not easy to let go that kind of love. That kind of love’s got the power to hold you tethered to a world you should have left a long time ago.” Oh my God. Afghan business? Hold up... so much of this book had my eyes rolling in the back of my head that I almost wanted to stop. It's classic KA but It was missing the part where I emotionally connected with these characters. Hanna is so girl next door but she doesn't bat an eye when Raid asks her to crawl on her hands and knees to him... Say what? Plus Raid had demons, huge ones that almost take up a whole room and that fire is about to consume him. I just don't see how Hanna was able to keep those deems back when that part of the story was almost glossed over. It all felt so outlined, not natural and I wanted more. Parts of this book were so choppy, I had to reread some sections to know what the heck was going on. It's not a secret that Kristen Ashley recently got a publishing deal and I was so happy for her, but in the back of my mind I was scared because although some of her book need to be edited down or checked better for errors there was just something about this self publishing feel she gave off that spoke to me and I wanted so support her. Like I often support local or mom based business in my town. I don't have that feeling anymore, I don't know what changed but I hope it can be fixed.In conclusion... Raid is the third book in the Unfinished Hero series and it's sweet, sexy but missing that spark that is all Kristen Ashley. I'm still interested to see what the next Unfinished Hero to get a book is so I still plan on reading that book.