Into the Fire

Into the Fire - Suzanne Brockmann Folsom Lake, Ca.4.5 stars... And Murphy realized, with a sudden sharp shock of awareness, that his and Hannah’s were not the only lives that had been permanently damaged by Angelina’s murder. There had been a ripple effect from the tragedy. And his friends, like Dave, had lost more than Angelina. They’d lost Murphy, too. Into the Fire is the 13th book in Suzanne Brockmann Troubleshooter series. If you thought that the past books had you at the edge of your seat then honey hold on tight because this book takes it up a notch. Yeah, I thought we'd see all that Ms. Brockmann had to offer in suspense but she has little more up her sleeve and it's so fun!Into the Fire Is not just the story of Murphy and Hannah... Murphy and HannahHe wanted Han—with a sharpness and desperate immediacy that no longer existed when he thought about his wife. Okay, so I have to say that this was not my favorite part of the book. I love Murphy, he's amazing. The man loved his wife and his grief comes off the pages of this book. He's handsome, stronge, committed but a darkness is inside of him and he has to work that out. I have to commend Suzanne Brockmann for writing this character because I think that it taking Murphy years to get over the pain of loosing his wife was spot on. Murphy and Angelina's childhood friend, Hannah is also hurting. Also numbing the pain of loosing her best friend and living with the guilt of being the one the survive. She takes pills to numb the pain and one night she and Murphy collide and in a way it's the beginning of the end. Deeply layered, fast moving and always fun to read, Hannah and Murphy's story takes them from San Diego to Sacramento in the hopes of clearing Murphy's name.“You said you needed me. And maybe that was just part of the crazy talk, but…If you need me, bwee, I’m there. Whether it’s Sacramento or San Diego or…or…London or, shit, the tenth level of hell. I’m there. You know, you were the one who had the problem with us having sex, Murph. Not me. If it were up to me, we’d still both be using each other shamelessly. Twice a day. And three times on Sundays.” Izzy and EdenUmm... I'm officially a card carrying member of the Irving Zanella club. Membership in this club comes with lots of ohh's and Ahhh's and many side aches from laughing so much because Izzy is sexy, funny and honorable. Regina and Wendy, also card carrying members can attest to the Zanella love. He's amazing but in this book we get to see Izzy head over heels infatuated with this girl/women who ends up being Danny Gillmans little sister. Yeah, if it couldn't get any stranger. Eden Gillman walks into the Ladybug and right into Izzy and from that moment forward the world changes for Mr. Zanella and he doesn't even know it. Eden is a mess. She's just turned 18 and warning signs are flashing and Izzy cannot walk away. Their attraction to each other jumps off the pages and we find ourselves as readers, wanting more. I wanted this to be their book, for every moment to come back to Izzy because he shines in Into the Fire. You get to know more about him and see him not just as funny but caring and committed. This is a story line I cannot wait to read more about and this is not the end for the Zanella's....there was something about Irving Zanella’s quick smile. There was something, too, that gleamed in his dark eyes—amusement or intelligence or probably both—that made him good-looking. Charismatic. That was the word for him. He had crazy charisma. Dave, Sophia and DeckBrockmann, I beg you... please put me out of my misery. I cannot take this love triangle anymore. There has to be a resolution soon. I love these crazy kids but dang it's been several books and each person is still torturing themselves for past transgressions. At the end of Into the Fire we get a little snippet of something that might be a resolution. I don't want to ruin it for avid fans, but be on the look out for that. To say i'm ready for this madness to end would be an understatement. In the end, I just want Dave, Sophia and Decker to have some happiness and maybe some babies... just saying.As for the location of most of this book, the Sacramento area, Folsom and the hills just past there. That's where I grew up. It's not very often that you have a book based in an area you know so well. It was fun to imagine where all these hideouts where and maybe a little fun to imagine these fine Troubleshooters running around my hometown. In Conclusion Into the Fire was a solid example why Ms. Brockmann is a renowned author. Her ability to weave these complex characters into these nail bitting story lines makes me come back for more each time. Flawed, lovable and wildly addictive are men and women of the Troubleshooter Series. I'll be sad when this wild ride is over but grateful to share the journey. “Hannah of the wolves,” she reminded him. “I don’t care,” he said. “Maybe we should write that into our wedding vows. Through richer and poorer, through three days without a shower…” Hannah just sat there, her heart in her throat.