Dark of Night (Troubleshooters Series #14)

Dark of Night (Troubleshooters #14) - Suzanne Brockmann Coronado Bridge, Ca at Sunset3.5 stars...In the 14th book in Suzanne Brockmann's Troubleshooters Series you finally get to conclusion to the long lasting Dave/Sophia/Decker love triangle. Thank you Ms. Brockmann for putting this fan out of her misery. I truly loved how this whole thing played out and I found each person resolution to be very fitting. I however hated with a passion the Nash/Tess storyline in this book. I think these two have drove me nuts in the last book. I'm happy the way things turned out for their relationship and Nash's future but the whole process was littered with disfunction. I found myself wanting to yell at Nash for not trusing in Tess. I guess they are just not my favorite couple and I wanted to get down to Dave/Sophia/Decek.***Spoilers coming... read at your own peril***Dave and Sophia“I want to read all your favorite books,” Dave told her. “I want to listen to your favorite songs. I want to know what you’re thinking. I want to live in your world, Soph. I’m happy—I am—to leave mine behind. Completely, if that’s what you want.”Holy cuteness batman... I'm now in love with Dave. He's this guy you don't expect to have those ass kicking abilities underneath his two sizes too large hawaiian shirt. Right next to his glock 9mm handgun. I've clearly underestimated Dave along with Sophia. Their relationship take off right where we left them in [b:Into the Fire|2210693|Into the Fire (Troubleshooters, #13)|Suzanne Brockmann|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1266638325s/2210693.jpg|2216479], kissing in a bar in Sacramento. Oh sweet heavens it's a kiss for the record books. I don't want to spoil what comes next but it's perfect for them and I found myself smiling because finally they're happy. Just like more of Brockmann's characters she doesn't leave them alone and what Nash did comes back to bite the whole team in the rear. Dave winds up in trouble and he makes sure Sophia is put into the arms of the man who would take care of her and make sure she is safe... you guessed it ladies and gentleman... that would be Lawrence Decker. Don't fret my friends, this story has a happy ending and it's so sweet you cannot wait to find out what else may happen to Sophia and Dave.Decker and Tracy“Do you always watch porn when you talk on the phone?” “Porn.” He was surprised, and he laughed again as he realized she was referring to his screen wipe. “No, honey, that wasn’t porn.” “I know,” she said. “I just like making you smile.” Yep... finally Tracy lands herself and man. I have to say that Tracy has gone thru such a transformation from the doe eyed girl messing things up in the TS offices to this confident, truth speaking hot women. I love her! Her honestly make me take a step back a few times but it was all for good and I almost wanted to high five her for going after what she wanted. Yep and that was Decker. Their chemistry was giving me chills and believe me those two are hot. Decker fought this attraction in only the way Deck could, full force and in the end he finally gave in because he finally found something he could nto live without, Tracy.Jesus, he could use a solid decade with Tracy’s fire and life and laughter—and yes, particularly her there’s nothing wrong with you, Sparky, anything-goes attitude toward sex. But really, and far more reasonably than wishing for a full decade, he would’ve gladly taken just a few more minutes of her looking at him like she was going to enjoy eating him alive. What had me going ugh!So, I have to say that I was very irked with Nash... I know he's the spec black op and he's got this whole other life that was before Tess but many of his missions where when they were together. I just know that he's been hiding things from her and the TS crew for such a long time. In the end it put them all in danger and a few people were mortally wounded. This just pissed me off to no end. I know that Nash was hurting seeing his friends hurt and in danger but I just couldn't get over that he lead the whole team to this point. Just my opinion.In conclusion... I have to say this was not my favorite Troubleshooters books, I loved the character interaction but something was missing. I can't quite put my finger on it, but that spark that I find in reading Ms. Brockmann books was gone. No to worry, there are few more books ahead for me to read. Another amazing Sam-ism:“And then? After my beautiful son is finally asleep, I’m going to spend some time alone with my wife, which, appropriately enough, follows the pattern and will be about a million times better than listening to her read aloud. And, yeah, maybe later tonight, while I’m asleep, some of that hurt and ugliness that I know is out there in the world is going to creep inside of my head, but I also know that if I have a nightmare? I’ll wake up and Alyssa will be there. And if I need to, we’ll talk it through, and it’ll fade away. So if it hurts, it only hurts for a very, very short while.”