Own the Wind (Chaos, #1)

Own the Wind  - Kristen Ashley He’d never, not once, walked up to a woman who looked lost without him and became found the second she saw him. Who leaned into him the minute he touched her. Who made him laugh so hard, his head jerked back with it. Whose mouth he could take and the world melted away for him just as he made that same shit happen for her.For me Own the Wind was all about Parker "Shy" Cage. In the first book in Kristen Ashley's Chaos series, a spinn off from her Mystery Man Series. We finally get to see Tabbitha Allen all grown up. She's in Nursing school and being a little wild but the girls 19 and grew up under the thumb of her father and Chaos President Tack Allen, who we meet in [b:Motorcycle Man|13448656|Motorcycle Man (Dream Man, #4)|Kristen Ashley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1337615202s/13448656.jpg|18968802]. One night, Shy gets a call to head out and get Tabby because she's in some trouble and this is just what the Chaos brothers do, protect their own. What happens spurs the events that will later shape Shy and Tab forever...ShyHands down might be my favorite KA alpha yet. There is just something about his history, his families heartache and the memories he has about the love and commitment that his mother and father shared that really touched my heart. No to mention he's strong, confident, sexy and rides a big harley. When we first meet Shy in Own the Wind, he is literally untangling himself from two naked women in his bed. He lives the lifestyle and he loves his lifestyle but he's also got a thing for Tab who just happens to be off limits because she's Tacks daughter and all daughters are off limits. Thru events that take place we see Shy try to open Tabby's eyes to the life she's leading and in a way he scares her straight but he also puts time between them. Lots of time. In the end, we get to see Shy as a character form depth and you understand why he chose the biker lifestyle. Why it's the only way he can live but also that Shy is nothing that you think he is. Time and time again he surprised me by giving up what has helped him for many years in order to be with Tabby. Although, alpha all the way, Shy also shared some deep secrets with Tabbitha in order to solidifiy their relationship.I was thinking he was all kinds of handsome. Thick, dark, overlong hair. Strong jaw that was so cut, it jutted out a bit at the hinges. Those green eyes. The Chaos tats on the insides of his forearms. The small silver medallions hanging from thin, black leather cords around his neck. The flat, black leather straps around his wrists that had thick, silver bands punched with insignias. The chunky silver rings on his fingers. Amazing.Tab“I knew this day would turn shit,” I whispered. “I knew with how great it started, there’d be farther to fall.” His eyes flashed, his hands moved to cup my jaws, he tilted my head way back, and brought his face to mine. “May feel like you’re fallin’, Tabby, but remember, I’m at the bottom ready to catch you.” Miss Tabitha Allen grew up with her father a biker and her mother a royal bitch. Until the day the sun shined on her and delived Tyra. Her saving grace, the women who she talks with about her problems and they often do retail therapy together. The day Tyra took Tabby under her beautiful and loving wings was the day Tab understood how an old lady should act. Tyra would come in handy when having to deal with Shy. When we first meet Tabby she's 19 years old and still a party girl, but she's not really doing anything too bad yet. Shy scares her straignt and the next years are spend avoiding the club and shy. But life is not all roses and sunshine for Tab. Life throws her one hell a blow and for me that's when I fell in love with Tabby. Her depth and devotion to her family, club and the ones she loves was beautiful to read. “I’m with him because when I’m with him, I’m free to be me. I’m with him because he’s hot. I’m with him because he lets me blather, since I’m prone to blathering, and he lets me rant when I have a bad day. I’m with him because when I rant, he makes me feel better and he does this effortlessly. I’m with him because I live for the times when I’m on the back of his bike and we’re riding together, not even talking, just being free.” Hot Bunch Cameos Then he boomed, “VIP seating! Move your asses! We got a soldier just got home and his ass is sittin’ in that couch!” If you're a fan of Kristen Ashley's other series then you're familiar with the Hot Bunch and Lee makes an appearance, along with Hawk, Mitch and Butch. We cannot forget Tex, he's still making out of this world Coffee concoctions. My favorite was Elvira! I love her, I love that she's got herself a macho man and I wont spoil a thing for KA fans so all I can say is enjoy and Elvira better get her HEA.“Your guy is kinda hot.” She turned to me without hesitation and replied, “Careful what you wish for, girl. One by one my girls went down to badasses, I watched and thought, ‘I wouldn’t mind gettin’ me a little somethin’-somethin’ from a badass.’ ” She tapped her glass on the bar for another refill, Rush gave it to her, she threw it back, then she looked at me again and snapped with emphasis, “Wrong.” “I have a badass,” I reminded her. “Yeah,” she returned. “And Tyra told me you two went at it for days over a flippin’ fridge. Badasses are capable of and don’t hesitate to throw down about a fridge. An IT geek does not care what kind of fridge you buy. An IT geek just thanks his lucky stars he’s gettin’ it regular. An IT geek would say, ‘Whatever you want, honey,’ if you told him you were paving the front walk in gold.”The Writing and storyIt's no secret that Kristen Ashley recently became a published author. I'm very happy for her and I wish her so much luck. Part of her appeal to me, when I started reading and buying her books, years ago was the idea that this independant female author was out there writing books that I liked and In some way I could support her by buying them. It made me feel good so I kept doing it. Now i'm not saying I don't want to buy her books now because she's working for "the Man" but I was worried. I was also hugely let down by [b:Raid|17257993|Raid (Unfinished Hero, #3)|Kristen Ashley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1361025483s/17257993.jpg|23852415]. I decided to take a chance and get Own the Wind, I was not let down at all. In fact it may be her best work yet. The plot is more intense, the character have more detail and depth and the length is no longer super long but just long. I don't know what happened but I have to say, I like the result.In past books Ms. Ashley has skimped on the plot or maybe not really given characters enough depth to really let the reader connect with them. In Own the Wind I enjoyed how we're witnesses to Shy and Tab change. It doesn't happen over night, we get to see them fumble for years until tragedy happens and they're brought together but that thread of attractions that was set into place when Tab was 16. I thought it was also brilliant for Kristen Ashley to take her beloved past characters and have them make cameos in this book. I was so giddy to see them there and many of these stories have over lapped and it gave the reading that old familiar feeling. In conclusion, Own the Wind is a solid addition to the Kristen Ashley collection. This book takes your heart and tears it apart with the hurt and tragedy that Shy and Tab have been through and then we get to watch them weave that beautiful life back together. It's not perfect, they make mistakes but under all that is communication. Something that is often missing from CR books. At the end of Own the Wind we were gifted with the working chapters of [b:Fire Inside|17257990|Fire Inside (Chaos, #2)|Kristen Ashley|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1364220300s/17257990.jpg|23852412] and like a crazy women I read the prologue and now i'm very excited to read what happens with Hop and Lanie. June is not that long to wait...“Always and forever, baby, you’re stuck with me.”