Hot Pursuit (Troubleshooters Series #15)

Hot Pursuit (Troubleshooters, #15) - Suzanne Brockmann 2.5 stars... Oh it pains me to write that. I really didn't like this book at all. I was looking forward to more Alyssa and Sam moments and there we're those but the rest was left me wanting more. Almost like Brockmann had too many story lines going on to really focus my attention on one couple. I did enjoy reading about Danny Gillman changing and seeing him in a new light. He still had his moments that had me shacking my head and rolling my eyes.Izzy... he was there too. What a cutie and I cannot wait for his book.Other than that, the 15th book in the Troubleshooter series didn't progress the stories at all. I ended up skimming the stalker POV parts. The ending wrapped everything up so fast and I was left wanting more.